Sunday, March 28, 2010

300th Post Round-up

Since this entry marks both my 300th post as well as the end of my most prolific month of blogging, I thought I'd do a round-up of some older favorites. Whether you're new to the blog or you've been reading from the beginning, take some time to click through my faves and you'll get a nice little sampling of what makes me tick. Enjoy! (And leave a comment!)

My Top 5 Shoe-related posts:
1.) McQueen's Elephants
2.) Shoesday Tuesday- Making Heels more Comfortable
3.)  Nude Shoes
4.) My Craziest Shoes
5.) Shoesday Tuesday (the original)

My Top 5 Inspiring posts:
1.) Mai Lemore "Price Upon Request" shoes
2.) First Day of Spring and Film Fashion Found
3.) Red Carpet Fashion
4.) Luly Yang Butterfly Dress 
5.) Gene London Costume Collection and DVF's Wrap Dress and Christian Siriano
(What can I say- I'm inspired by more than just 5 posts! Ha!)

My Top 5 Handmade posts:
1.) Lady in Red Dress
2.) Bow Ties By Bouche
3.) I Feel Pretty
4.) I Love Etsy
5.) Unique Accessory Storage- DIY

My Top 5 Tricks of the Trade:
1.) Elongating Effects
2.) Clip-in Bangs
3.) Wearing Prints for Women and Men
4.) Wardrobe Repair and Caring for Your Clothes
5.) How to Get a Discount

My Top 5 Accessory Posts:
1.) How to Wear a Scarf
2.) Handbags, Oh yeah!
3.) Fabulous Etsy Finds
4.) Why You Should Wear Dangling Earrings
5.) Cameo Appearance

My Top 5 Rate My Look Posts:
1.) Wardrobe Capsule
2.) Amy & Aaron's Wedding
3.) Winter White and Summer in Winter and Spring Fever
4.) eShakti Outfit
5.) Mixed Prints and Mixed Plaids

My Top 5 That Don't Really Fall Into a Category But I Like Them So I'm Making a List of Them:
1.) Tim Gunn Said I'm Fabulous
2.) Bubblicious
3.) Fashion as Art
4.) Style Support and Moral Support
5.) What's Your New Black? (the post that started it all)

I know I cheated and put more than one post per line sometimes, but it was so hard to narrow some of these down! And since it's my blog, I get to make my own rules, right? And like I said earler, take some time to click through these posts and leave me some comments- you know how I love them! Also, if there is anything that sparks a question or makes you think of a topic I haven't covered, but you'd like to read about, just let me know. Happy reading!


B.B. Bellezza said...

I had to say your red dress is killer, and somehow I missed along the way that you sewed. How did I miss that? Anyway, it's beautiful and I am going back to checking out your posts and seeing what else I've missed!

Jen said...

Congratulations on your 300th post! That's amazing!

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