Saturday, November 7, 2009

HairDo by Jessica Simpson- Bangs

Good evening, everyone! A while back I wrote a review on the HairDo Clip in Bangs from Jessica Simpson's faux hair line. I work with a lot of hair pieces in my line of work, so I see what looks natural and what doesn't. Anyway, in that original post, I wasn't prepared to show a picture of myself in them, but I finally managed to take a photo with the bangs on for all of you to see:

Sorry for the blurry photo- I'm a terrible self-portrait artist. But as for the bangs, what do you all think? Feel free to comment on either how bangs look on me, or the bangs in general as a faux hair piece. I think they look really natural- they blend into my own hair pretty seamlessly, don't you think? Comment are always welcome!

1 comment:

daddylikeyblog said...

That's amazing!! I would never, ever guess that those were clip-ins. You look gorgeous!

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