Saturday, October 3, 2009

Amy & Aaron's Wedding

So today was the big wedding day for Amy & Aaron. The weather was spectacular which was a total surprise since all week long they'd been predicting rain. Instead it was about 10 degrees warmer that it has been all week and the sun was shining all day. It was gorgeous.

But the weather doesn't have a whole lot to do with my fashion dilemma. As you all know, I really WANTED to wear this outfit to the wedding:

I wasn't totally convinced that it was appropriate and pretty much everyone who offered feedback recommended this outfit instead:

In the end, I got to wear both outfits- the first one to the rehearsal and dinner which was followed by a party at Amy & Aaron's house. The next day I wore the black dress, but I decided to change up the shoes and wore these instead:

The site of the ceremony was in the groom's brother's backyard, so I thought a more substantial heel and an ankle strap was more appropriate than a satin stiletto pump. They totally worked. In the end I'm really glad I went with the black because Amy actually had a gorgeous corsage for me which would NOT have worked with the polka dot dress. Here's a lovely photo of me with the blushing bride. Isn't she stunning?

I have to tell you guys that the necklace I wore got SO many compliments. It was only $7 at Forever 21, but every time I wear it, people ask if I made it out of vintage beads or if it's an antique- it fools everyone every time. I think it works really well with that particular dress- the neckline is perfect for it. Every time I tell people the price and where I got it, they just about die. But enough about me- doesn't Amy look spectacular? Her dress was so pretty and I just love the orchids in her hair.

If you have any particular thoughts or questions about my outfit or Amy's outfit or wedding outfits in general, just leave me a comment and I'll address it in a future blog. Talk to you later!

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