Friday, March 12, 2010

Project Runway: Season Seven, Episode 8

WIN: Jonathan
AUF'd: Ben

I have three words for this episode: "hairy bowl dress." Oh, Amy, what were you thinking?

The top choices were really spectacular- Jonathan and Seth Aaron had such different pieces, yet both were amazing in their own way. I don't envy the judges having to make that decision. Same goes with the ones in the bottom- it's always disappointing when the designers who showed such promise in the beginning have such major issues when things are crucial. I'm sure that's part of the idea of the structure of the show- at a certain point, people have to start snapping under the pressure, or like Amy, just trying too hard to be innovative. I actually liked Mila's outfit when it came out, and I think I was so startled by the fact that I actually liked something by Mila, that it never occurred to me that it was boring. But boring is exactly the word to describe it. The vest was pretty cool, but the other two were basic pieces anyone could buy at JC Penney! I don't think she should have been sent home for being boring, especially when the judges know that her clothes are typically anything but! And poor Ben- he tried so hard! I always feel bad when people try to make a suit in a single day. It's really hard to make a plain, classic suit in a single day, I can't even imagine how hard it would be to make an innovative, unique, never-been-done, tailored suit in a single day! It's crazy! But you have to hand it to him for trying. You never know until you try and that's what makes contestants on this show so brave. I just love Project Runway!

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