Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gimme some print love!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to wear prints. I think solids are boring! (But I understand they are necessary.) In case you need evidence of my print love, check it out:

Yes, I took those out of my closet just to take the picture for you- don't you feel special? You can see from the picture on the left that I favor polka dots and florals, but there are a couple of stripes in there as well. Prints can be tough to pull off, depending on your stature. If you are petite, it's important to choose prints that won't overwhelm your frame. You wear the dress, the dress shouldn't wear you! Large prints on a small frame can be tough, but not impossible. Be objective when you look in the mirror- just because you love a print, doesn't mean you should wear it. A nice, tall pair of heels can help you by adding inches to your height, but they are only shoes- not a magic wand. Fall and winter are going to be all about statement prints, so get a few pieces to work into your wardrobe.

If you're average to tall in height, you could easily pull off this dress from Banana Republic:

I love the exaggerated houndstooth in teal and black- so very unique. It's a bit too much if you're petite, but don't worry- there are still plenty of statement prints out there that petite gals can rock including this top from Venus:

"But I want to wear a dress!" I hear you! I hear you! Try this one, tiny ladies. It's also from Venus:

The asymmetry of the print brings a lot of visual interest and because of its specific placement versus being an all-over print, it works on a smaller frame. Also, the length is key for a shorter gal- it keeps the dress from overwhelming a petite frame. Now, I know there are some tall, fearless ladies out there who want to go all-out and really make a statement. For you, I recommend stripes. Wearing bold stripes says to the world, "I am as confident as a person can get." Try this adorable frock from BCBG Max Azria:
Another bold option not for the faint of heart, also from BCBG:
Finally, I'd like to wrap up this post with a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent, who made the iconic statement print with his Mondrian dress:

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