Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Fever- AGAIN!

As you know, I've been LOVING this amazing weather. I'm all about bold florals, and a while back I made myself a super fun floral sundress. I've been waiting for the weather to improve tow wear it. I spent most of the winter looking for a pair of red tights to wear with it so I could wear it before spring. In my recent trip to New York, I found the red tights, but now the weather has improved. Ah, the irony. Anyway, here's the original dress I made:

The length of the skirt was a bit too long, so I hemmed it to just above the knee. I think that makes all the difference. I made the dress because I was inspired by the outfits worn by the character Chuck on "Pushing Daisies." I loved that show and I was SO sad when it ended. The design was really amazing.

I was also inspired by the outfits worn by Emma on "Glee." Her outfits are always SO colorful and vintage-y.

I also recently saw the new "Alice in Wonderland" and fell in love with basically everything about the entire movie. The design was spectacular and Alice had a lot of fun costumes.

Anyway, the main inspiration was Chuck, but the dress wasn't quite enough. As I mentioned, I had the red tights, but to really have a Chuck-inspired outfit, I needed a cute fitted jacket and a fun accessory.

I can't wait to wear it with bare legs. As much as I like the red tights, I think the whole look will be a little more toned-dow with bare legs instead. The jacket and flower pin really pull the look together for me. I wore this to work today- Michael Bolton was playing the theatre and when I walked in the door all his roadies saw me and said, "Whoa!" I got a lot of comments from them like, "You got spring fever?" and "You are spring personified!" and "You're just a ray of sunshine today!" I do believe the dress is much better in person, but there is no denying it is B-R-I-G-H-T! However, bold is something I think I do pretty well.

I also tried to have a little fun with the settings on my camera, but mostly it just caught me off-guard each time.

I know I need to impove on the photo situation and I promise I'm working on it. Hopefully you'll see some changes soon! Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Totally Inspired said...

Renee.. you MADE this dress.. can I get one too??! How much?? I wear a size 22.. aaauugh! this dress just screams spring.. and it is so perfect with the jacket and tights. Its really really cute!

Beth said...


Wicked Thrifty- Formerly The Thrifty Stylist said...

smashingly adorable. it really came together perfectly with that flower and the tights, i think, although i can see it as a summer dress with bare legs, too. you pull it off wonderfully, and you should DEFINITELY open up an etsy shop (if you haven't) if you can sew this well o_O

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