Thursday, January 21, 2010

Golden Globe Awards- Best & Worst Dressed

I've rarely used this blog as a forum for the "best & worst dressed" of the many and varied awards shows and premieres. However, my BFF asked what I thought of the fashions of the Golden Globes, so I will be happy to chime in (even if I'm a couple of days late). There were quite a few trends I noticed at this year's GG Red Carpet (aside from umbrellas as the must-have acessory of the night). The first was that there was a lot of cleavage all over the place. Mariah Carey, Anna Paquin, and Olivia Wilde all sported extreme plunging necklines, but AnnaLynne McCord did it in the most tasteless of ways (and that's saying something if you saw Mariah Carey's dress!):

Why on earth any woman would want to appear as though her breasts are being held up by chiffon-covered hands is beyond me. In fact, the "hands" on this otherwise beautiful grecian-style gown actually look a little like lobster claws. Not sexy, friends.

Another trend- this time one I acutally enjoyed- was the abundance of gorgeous peachy-nude-color gowns. My faves were:

Drew Barrymore

Nicole Kidman

and Christina Hendricks.

Actually, Christina Hendricks' gown is the one that made me actually interested in Googling all the red carpet looks, as it was designed by Christian Siriano. You all know what a huge Project Runway fan I am (new episode tonight!), and Christian is by far my favorite designer of all seven seasons thus far. I have a lot of respect for him as a designer- he continues to create innovative and beautiful fashions that feel new and fresh. He comes up with so many new and interesting looks that I feel he must be bursting at the seams with ideas (no pun intended). I love that about him and I hope he can keep it up without burning out. As for the gown on Hendricks, I think he nailed it. The color is beautiful against her skin tone and even more so against her hair. And the color isn't the only trend Christian and Christina nailed with this gown. Ruffles were all over the place at the Globes this year- some done successfully, others not so much. In my opinion, these ruffles were not-so-successful:

Chloe Sevigny

Maybe if Chloe's ruffles were placed in a more asymmetrical fashion, I wouldn't hate them quite so much. Here they look like someone wanted to take a simple lavender dress and make it interesting so they threw a bunch of ruffles all over it. Even if all the ruffles were removed completely, it would be an improvement! This is by far not the worst of the worst, though. My personal choice for worst dressed is Julianne Moore:

I'm really disappointed in her because she normally looks so stunning. This dress is bad bad bad! Another less-than-fabulous look was Jennifer Garner's:

While I have no problem with the dress in general, I feel it was a poor choice for Jennifer because it's not doing anything to help her look like she has any shape. This dress on a more shapely woman would be beautiful because the diagonal lines would help accentuate hourglass curves. In Jennifer's case, though, they aren't doing enough. Notice how her bust, waist and hips appear to be about the same width? It's most noticeable from bust to waist. I think she could have done better- an a-line shape or a more dramatic mermaid-style, for example. Or, if she's committed to the deco-style embellishments, wear something more like Toni Collette:

One look I'm still undecided on is Kate Hudson's:

I love the idea of it- the sculptural details on the bodice are certainly very artful, but I don't know if I actually LIKE them and how the bodice fits her body. Finally, one of my absolute favorites (second only to Hendricks in Siriano) was Lea Michele in a princess-style black gown:

This silhouette is very hard to pull off because it's not particularly modern, but I think the detail on the skirt and bodice more than make up for that. So what about you? What was your favorite (or most hated) red carpet look? Leave a comment and tell me all about it!

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