Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Feel Pretty

Another Bouche original. The sash is literally just a wide grosgrain ribbon. I also got one in red so that when I decide to prance around singing "I Feel Pretty" I have the appropriate attire.

Here's a close-up of the fabric:
I originally wanted a nice white eyelet, but then I found this fabric and I fell in love with the lace and the cool stitching so I got it instead. The fabric is actually from 2 summers ago and I am just now getting around to making something with it. The bummer when working with white fabric is that you absolutely MUST line it. The top has a single layer of liner, but with the skirt I opted to double the lining just to be safe. And if you're wondering about my success, I actually happen to be wearing black undergarments, so there! (Sorry for the overshare.) As for the structure, even though it is a similar silhouette to the grey eyelet skirt, the red dress and the green floral dress, the pattern is actually pretty different from all of them. The red dress was a pleated A-line skirt, and the grey skirt and green dress were both just gathered waistlines. This dress is made with a full circle skirt. Since I LOVE huge, full skirts, I actually cut the waistline of the circle skirt a little bigger than I needed to and then placed subtle pleats in both the front and back of the dress. Because of how circle skirts fall, the pleats are actually barely noticeable. Circle skirts are amazing for dancing and I use them all the time in the costumes I make for dancers at AMT. When a dancer turns in a circle skirt, the fabric literally floats up horizontal to the floor. But the other benefit to a circle skirt is that there isn't any bulky gathering at the waistline. Some people really hate that extra fabric- they feel it makes them look bigger. I personally don't mind it. Anyway, with a circle skirt, there's all the fullness you could hope for, but the waistline is sleek and trim. The best of both worlds!

I'm really happy with this dress because it's light and airy and oh-so-summery. I can wear it with a sash or without and as I already mentioned I have both Tiffany blue (pictured) and red. I took these pictures last night right before I left work for the night. The sun was just starting to go down as the parking lot was filling up for a concert. I wanted to wait and have Ken photograph it because he does such a good job, but in the end I was too impatient and wanted to share this dress with all of you right away! However, I think Vanessa (one of my staff) did a fabulous job as my stand-in photographer. Thanks, V!
So what do you think of my latest creation? Leave a comment!


Beth said...

Beautiful. Beautiful! You look super-fabulous.

LuceBuona said...

Gorgeous!! I really wish I could do things this pretty myself :)
And of course you look amazing!!

Totally Inspired said...

I think this dress is fabulous. Its just so dainty and soft. Great Great!! and Lovely ofcourse. (I am so excited. I like the full skirt too. It defintely makes the waist look slimmer)

Renée T. Bouchard said...

OMG, I don't think the word "dainty" has ever been used to describe ANYTHING about me- you just made my day! lol!

Bink said...

I LOVE this dress!!
cute bloggg.


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