Friday, March 5, 2010

Project Runway: Season Seven, Episode 7

WIN: Jay
AUF'd: Jesse

I live for these kinds of challenges- they really separate the designers who can handle the added pressure of dealing with non-traditional materials from the ones who are just not quite as innovative. Another of my favorite reality competition shows is Top Chef and on that show I've found that the more talented the contestants, the more outrageous the challenges. It may seem unreasonable, but it's one of the best ways to truly separate everyone into the 2 main categories of who can and who can't. Or who can and who'll crack under the pressure (which always makes for great TV). That's why I love outrageous challenges- you get to see who's really great and you get a lot of drama to boot.

I completely agree with the judges top choices except for Mila. I'd have rather seen Amy in the top 3 instead. Her sandpaper dress was really interesting and innovative. Mila's dress reminded me of the credit card dress- remember it? I forget who designed it but it was made out of gold AmEx cards, I think. Anyway, I really felt that Maya and Jay nailed the challenge from start to finish. Jay deserves the win for his pants alone, but add to that the amazing top PLUS the fabulous belt! Incredible! Maya's necklace was also pretty spectacular, but nothing compared to Jay's "leather" garbage bag pants.

I also agree with the judges choices for bottom three, which is not always common. I am amazed that Emilio didn't get Auf'd for his non-garment! I love how he talked about trying to be diferent from the other designers by not doing a dress when we all know the truth is that he COULDN'T do a dress because he didn't have enoug time and materials! I feel bad for Jesse, but his dress was a hot mess, too and it just didn't work.

What about you? Any thoughts on this episode of Project Runway? Leave a comment anytime. :-)

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