Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mommy Style

My friend Shannon is adorable and incredibly stylish. She also happens to be pregnant. She's the kind of girl who really puts together a fun and funky outfit. Well, here facebook status recently lamented the fact that there aren't enough hip maternity styles out there in the stores. She's a try-before-you-buy kind of girl- not so into the internet shopping. Anyway, this is my attempt to help her out a little (although as I mentioned she is pretty stylin', so she doesn't need much help from me). I believe she is due in June or July so these pieces are geared more towards the warmer weather. 
Liz Lange for Target Fuchsia Strapless Dress, Target, $39.99 (Also available in ivory)

Crochet-trim top, Old Navy, $18.50

Low-rise Super flare jeans, Old Navy, $25 (also available in light wash and white)

Knot-front top, Old Navy, $16.50 (Available in 3 other bright colors)

Heidi Klum 3/4 Sleeve Drop-Waist Tunic, Motherhood, $24.99 (Also available in cobalt blue)

In my experience perusing the materinty options, I've found that most pieces are very basic- the colors are basic, the styles are basic. Basic, basic, basic. Which to me really translates to: boring, boring, boring. That's why I've picked mostly bright colors for the pieces above. I completely understand Shannon's frustration and I'm sure she's not the first pregnant woman to come to the realization that while she may want to dress in a hip and stylish fashion throughout her pregnancy, the options just aren't out there. But fear not, lovely pregnant women, I have a solution for you!

First, pick up these maternity basics- pieces that will fit your ever-expanding belly and use them as your base. Then, layer on other non-maternity items you may already own along with funky accessories and you'll feel more stylin' than you ever thought possible. Shannon is the kind of girl who loves bright colors and bling, so I'm gearing these selections towards her. However, the basic principle remains the same whether you like bright and bling-y or something more subdued. The following pieces are non-maternity, but would work perfectly at nearly any stage on pregnancy:

Sequin shrug, Arden B, $19.99 (Also available in gold)

70's Green and White Checkered Cropped Jacket, Etsy, $22 (I know you can't buy it in person as per Shannon's requirements, but isn't it adorable?)

Cotton Spandex Jersey Leggings, American Apparel, $26 (Available in 25 color choices- yes TWENTY-FIVE- as well as white w/black polka-dots)

Stud Adorned Top, Forever 21, $17.80

Two-Tone Bib Tunic, Forever 21, $24.80

The final touch for any outfit- maternity or otherwise is the accessories. For this section I wil ignore Shannon's buy-it-in-person rule simple because fit isn't as much of an issue when purchasing accessories. We all like to be able to physically handle the pieces we are buying, but sometimes you find something so fabulous online that you let go of that rule! Accessories are our way to make outfits unique and to bring our own personality to them. This should be no different when dressing in maternity clothes, so break out the accessories that make you feel the most stylin' you there is.

A note on "maternity" jewelry: Keep necklaces to bust-length or shorter. This will help draw the eye upward to your face. Long necklaces will basically act like a big light-up arrow pointing to your pregnant belly. I'm not saying you don't want to draw attention to your belly, but the thing about it is that it sort of draws attention to itself just by nature. So wear necklines and jewelry that bring the focus up to your glowing countenance whenever possible.

I hope this post has been helpful for all you lovely pregnant ladies out there. However, never having been pregnant myself I understand if you feel I've missed the mark. If you've been pregnant and have found amazing maternity clothes somewhere, please leave a comment telling all about it. After all, pregnant women have as much right to style as the rest!

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