Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I miss Christian!

I was just sitting on my couch watching last week's episode of Project Runway (yes, again) and it made me feel a little nostalgic for Christian Siriano. I think this is going to be a good season, don't get me wrong, but I miss his dramaticly spectacular designs, as well as his light-hearted yet over-the-top personality. I started wondering, "What is Christian up to these days?" Google rocks. In a moment, I was visiting his website and before long I had found some pretty amazing fashions. I have so much respect for Christian because he is truly an artist. He seems to have innovative ideas bursting out of him- you can tell by his collections that he has an endless supply of ideas to execute and oh boy, does he execute them! On his season of Project Runway, his designs were always beautifully constructed in addition to just being beautiful clothes. Also, Christian makes me smile. I mean, look at him! How can you NOT smile at him?!?!

Who knew there could be so much talent stuffed into such a tiny package?! Speaking of talent, I wrote in an earlier post about this beautiful ombre cocktail dress from his final collection on Project Runway. It's beautiful enough to earn another mention, don't you think?

Similar to the dress above is this grey and blue concoction from his Spring 2009 collection:

I would LOVE to wear this dress. It is spectacular! Another dress from his Spring '09 collection that I would die to wear is this beautiful grey and black cocktail dress. I especially love the drama of the hat. Bold, but it totally works! This is far and away my kind of outfit!

And what is it about Christian and his ability to make oodles of ruffles look good? He's like a magician! Christian Siriano or Christian Potter? He must have a magic wand somewhere up his stylish little sleeves.

I also really admire Christian's sense of drama and movement in his gowns. This blue gown is not only an interesting design, but it's such a special color, too! He makes clothing that pushes into the avant garde, but that also manages to be flattering and wearable!

I can't get enough of Christian Siriano and I hope he keeps cranking out amazing designs like he has for the past couple of seasons. What do you think? Love him? Hate him? (How could you?)

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