Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- Shoe Dazzle Part 3

Last week I signed up for Shoe Dazzle- an interesting online shoe buying concept. Click here to read the initial review and here for the follow-up. I'll wait. Did you check them out? Ok, now that you're all caught up... I had emailed the company asking the following questions about the service:

1.) How long has Shoe Dazzle been in operation?
2.) Approximately how many members does Shoe Dazzle have?
3.) How many stylists work for Shoe Dazzle?
4.) Once a stylist has selected shoes for you, will they remain your stylist throughout your membership? Or will other stylists make selections as well?
5.) What prompted the idea for Shoe Dazzle?
6.) Is there or will there be any opportunity to correspond with my stylist beyond the survey questions?
7.) If I have a specific event I'm shopping for, can I browse the Shoe Dazzle inventory online?

I received the following response:

"ShoeDazzle is about to celebrate its first birthday! In just one short year we’ve been able to provide thousands of our members with personalized shoe recommendations from our team of elite Hollywood stylists. Right now, we have six stylists, in addition to Kim herself, who select each and every style we offer! The stylists work as a team to pick shoes that fit your fashion profile; so, your monthly selection may include suggestions from several stylists. When celebrities do photo shoots, they don’t head to the mall; they have their stylists bring them options! Kim wanted everyone to have that VIP experience, and that’s why she founded ShoeDazzle. If you’re looking for something specific or for a special occasion, you can send a message directly to the stylists when you ask for an alternate selection. Even if you’ve decided to skip the month, you can still request and receive a second set—just in case you change your mind! We hope you find something that dazzles you!"

Looks like they answered all of my questions- once again, I am impressed with Shoe Dazzle.
Now, if you've read the previous Shoe Dazzle posts, I'm sure by now you're wondering what I've decided to do- which shoe will I pick? Even though Silvie (pictured above) is the clear front runner, I don't see a whole lot in my wardrobe that I can wear with it. (Well, I do plan to make a white eyelet sun dress for myself and they'd be PERFECT for that, but I'm going to control myself!)  Also, I can't honestly say that I don't have plenty of other similar shoes. Perhaps my advice for my second round of shoe recommendations was a bit too spot-on because I really feel like I already own plenty of shoes just like the ones recommended. I have tons of bright and colorful heels and wedges that are just itching to get out of their boxes and onto my feet once spring hits. The bottom line is that while I absolutley love nearly every shoe recommended (2nd time around) as well as Sylvie, I am going to be responsible and pass on all of them. Less is more, right? And somehow by choosing not to buy a shoe I'm completely in love with, I feel like I've made the grown-up decision. Announcing it publicly as a means to prevent myself from going back on my decision, is probably a little less-grown up, but if it does the trick, I'm willing to put it out there!

In similar news, my roommate's first Shoe Dazzle selection came in and they are SO fabulous, I can't even handle it. I actually wish they had been an option for me to purchase because they are not like anything I already own. Unfortunately they were not, so I guess I can't get them! (So far that's the only bummer about Shoe Dazzle.) They were very Christian Louboutin in a lot of ways- the heel height with a high platform, and RED soles! The shoe itself is faux black & white snakeskin with black detailing, so the red soles really pop next to the stark black & white. They're gorgeous and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of outfit Meg puts together to wear with them. What surprised me the most about them is that even though her shoes have a super high heel (about 5 inches) and a rather large platform, they do NOT look like your standard "hooker heels" when she wears them. Online, and even when I saw them in person, I thought the platform and heel would be way too much, but once Meg put them on, I was like, "Hmm... no more hooker-vibe!" I can't explain it, but it was pretty interesting and eye opening. I'm always a little nervous about heels being a tad too high, but these great snakeskin babies just look classy and elegant. And the CL signature sole color only adds to that, if you ask me!

Finally, I want to point out another shoe listed under "Member Favorites" (where I found Sylvie):
This boot is called "Mariah" and I think it's stunning. Not to mention the fact that these boots would be a bargain at $39.95! When was the last time you found fabulous boots with a great detail like that ruffle for less than $80-$100? Honestly, I never expect to spend less than $75 on boots, so I'm pretty impressed. Of course, they're synthetic, which is why they can be so inexpensive, but that's to be expected. (And if you're a vegan, that's an even better selling point, right?)

I suppose my only complaint with Shoe Dazzle is that the experience of browsing isn't available. Although, I wonder how strong my need to browse would be if I hadn't seen my roommates snakeskin peep toe pumps!

I hope this has been informative for all of you- leave a comment if you have a question about the Shoe Dazzle experience and I'll do my best to respond! Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree that ShoeDazzle is AMAZING. I've been a member for a long time now, and have only had very positive experiences and LOVE the shoes. You can actually order any shoe you want, even if it's not in your Showroom, by calling Client Services. Check out ShoeDazzle's FaceBook Fan Page, there are a ton of photos of all the beautiful shoes they offer! Happy shoe shopping!!

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