Sunday, October 25, 2009

McQueen's Elephants

Fashion week seems like it was ages ago even though it's only been a little more than a month since it ended. (But let's be honest- a month and a half in the fashion world is like a year anywhere else.) I keep meaning to post my favorite runway shows and items from NYFW 2009 but it just seems like such a daunting task at this point. So instead, I'll just show you what was perhaps the most controversial element of said fashion week- Alexander McQueen's shoes:

The shoes with his collection were all incredibly outrageous, but these "elephant" shoes are what intrigued me the most. He essentially had three styles of shoe in his show- all incredibly high (around 10 inches with a huge front platform to make it possible for the models to walk), many embellished with ornate carvings or beads as pictured above, and all very eye-catching.

The materials used on the non-elephant platforms were very industrial and edgy- metal pieces that appeared to be welded together- all very futuristic in style. There were shoes carved from porcelain with intricate designs that were almost seaweed-esque (think a high-heeled version of Disney's "Little Mermaid" underwater castles). Mr. McQueen has truly outdone himself this time. So what do YOU think of these shoes? Are they wearable? Are they art? Are they wearable art? Would you wear them? I'm pretty crazy where shoes are concerned, but these are WAY out of my league.


f8hasit said...

I love fashion.
But these are just damn fugly.

Hopefully not in mine. And I'm sure that they are a vertible fortune.

Anonymous said...

Ok so these are a big NO for me and I seriously think Kevin would lock me out of the house for wearing anything like those. I mean I have always secretly wanted a pair of UGG boots, but have never bought them because Kevin would tease me endlessly! These shoe would render me homeless.

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