Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday

I mentioned yesterday that I'm addicted to accessories, particularly shoes. I did not lie. To me, shoes are a fun way to add color and visual interest to my wardrobe. I walk taller in a great pair of shoes, and not only in the heels, although those help with my 5'4" stature! Shoes are magical to just about any woman. I love to watch that makeover show What Not to Wear and I especially love how so many of the women on that show will perk up in a shoe store or shoe department. A woman might be overwhelmed and frustrated trying to find pants, tops, dresses, etc. but send her to a shoe store and suddenly that credit card is burning a hole in her pocket! She's rejuvenated and excited. What is it about shoes that does that to us?

Recently, I was shopping in a department store where I had a 25% off coupon. I saw these shoes and I fell in LOVE:

I wish you could feel how soft the leather is. It's red patent, but it's the smoothest, softest patent leather I've ever encountered. The shoes are Steve Madden and they were available in several neutrals such as black and tan, but the ruby red is what spoke to me. I couldn't help myself- I tried them on. Isn't that always the kiss of death for our bank accounts? What about shoes makes it so hard to walk away? Once they were on my feet, I fell deeper in love, but I had already decided that they were too expensive. Then I remembered my coupon. The saleslady who had pulled my size was not around, presumably helping another customer. Another gentlemen was at the register and I asked how much they would be with my coupon.

"The coupon doesn't include shoes. Read the fine print."

Curses! Foiled by the fine print! But at this point, I was so deeply in love, I was considering getting them anyway! Such is the power of a beautiful shoe. I was helpless to the draw of it. My original saleslady returned and she saw the look in my eye.

"They look amazing on you!"

"I know- they're fantastic! However, your coworker says that my 25% off coupon doesn't apply to shoes," I caught her eye, "but something tells me that you're going to give me the discount anyway, right?"

A pause. I held my breath. "Sure. Why not? You love them."

"Sold! Ring 'em up!" And with that, they were mine.

She'll always be my fairy godmother of shoes. It makes me understand why Dorothy was willing to risk life and limb to get to the wizard in her ruby slippers, the most famous shoes in the world. Did you know that in the original novel, the magic slippers are actually silver? When the movie was made, technicolor was a new technology and the producers decided that red would have more visual impact than silver. Well, duh!

What's the story behind your favorite pair of shoes? Were they an unexpected bargain, like mine? Or a splurge you'll never regret? Maybe they're a pair from your childhood or a special event. I'd love to hear about them!


Melanie said...

I am in LOVE with there shoes as well! I am so jealous that you have them! They are gorgeous. Too bad I have resigned myself to become a "New England" hippie. UGH! Serioulsy I am all about floaty sundresses, flip flops and my dansko clogs. Am I a lost cause????
PS Kevin loves the seersucker suits!! Really he does!! Oh and is seersucker ok for women??? I have a cute pair of JCrew seersucker pants.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Seersucker is absolutely fine for women as well- maybe I'll write a post about that. Stay tuned! :-)

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