Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gene London Costume Collection

The Reading Public Museum currently has an exhibit on display featuring over 100 pieces from Gene London's Costume Collection. The exhibit is entitled The Magic of Hollywood and I promise you, if you attend, it will be magical. Upon entering the lobby, you'll see a gorgeous turquoise and black gown at the top of the stairs. Upon closer inspection, you'll see that it was one of the recreated pieces for the Gone With the Wind Golden Anniversary. It's absolutely spectacular and it's not even the most striking piece in the exhibit:

I found this exhibit so completely inpiring that I will most likely go back very soon to see it again. The detail and craftsmanship is truly amazing. It's also really fun to see a costume on a dress form next to a photograph of that same costume taken from the movie in which it appeared. I don't want to give away too much about this exhibit, but instead hopefully intrigue you enough to look into seeing it yourself. It really is inspiring, whether you are in the business or not. My personal favorite was a grey Chanel reproduction that literally took my breath away. It was simply stunning.

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