Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Sponsorship

Hey all- I want to let you know about a site I'll be sponsoring this month, Haute Whimsy. Jen, Haute Whimsy's blog author has generously offered free sponsorship for this month to me for my style consulting and to several others including Etsy sellers Created by Vanessa, Twillypop, Moonlight Court, and Faerie Moon Creations. In addition to blogging, Jen is also working on getting her own Etsy shop up and running. You all know how I feel about Etsy, and I love finding new, fabulous Etsy sellers. So take a minute out of your busy day and check them all out! I did and look what I found:

Lucky Clover Earrings, Faerie Moon Creations, $8
Are these perfect for St. Patrick's Day or what?

Shirley Bauble Bracelet, Twillypop, $28.50
I love bracelets full of baubles like this one!

And of course, while you're surfing the net, feel free to stop by my site and check out what I have to offer, too! Thanks so much!

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