Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nude Shoes

I don't know about all of you, but I have short legs. Shapely, but short, so I'm always looking for ways to elongate them. You've seen in many of my "Rate My Look" posts that I tend to wear tops and dresses that accentuate my natural waist or fall even higher at an empire waist. That's one trick that works really well, but another that's a little more subtle is the use of a nude shoe. Even though ankle booties in solid and cut-out styles are so hot right now, they can look a little bit heavy. And for women like me with short legs, the LAST thing you want to do is cut yourself off at the ankle, especially with something as heavy as a boot. It's that exact reason that I often pair the trendy booties with tights of the same color. Which brings me to the leg-elongating trick I want to focus on today: nude shoes.

When you wear a nude shoe- pump, ankle strap, sling back- whatever style you prefer, you create a long, uninterrupted line on your leg which creates the illusion of a longer leg. This works particularly well with high heels- the higher the heel, the longer your leg looks. Here are a few lovely nude shoe options for you:

First up is the Miss Me "Alyssa" open toe in beige available at Endless for $29.95. It's simple, elegant and timeless in style- this shoe could be a staple in your closet for the next 15 years- seriously.

Next is a personal favorite of mine- the Luichiny "Wicked" sandal in beige also available at Endless. I love the t-strap and the peep toe- the details are totally adorable, but with a bit of a retro feel. These shoes are a little more pricey at $43.34, but at that price, they are a steal.

And while I may be a pasty white, I know that "nude" means a whole array of colors, so for those of you with slightly darker skin, I love the Caparros "Bernie" pump available at Endless for $27.50- what a bargain!

I just love the detail on the toe, but it's not so distracting that it would be an issue. I love them! Any other tricks you're hoping to learn? Leave me a comment and I'll post with an answer to your style dilemmas.

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