Monday, December 7, 2009

Fabulous Etsy Finds

In an effort to find some interesting and unique jewelry to possibly wear with my red dress, I decided to browse through Etsy a bit. I may not have found what I was looking for, but I did see some really beautiful pieces. Like this Bollywood Bracelet by Beadnurse:

I love the color combination and the fact that it's busy, but in an interesting way that makes you want to keep looking at it! (P.S. Click on the links throughout this post to be taken to each item on Etsy.)

I've been on a big statement- jewelry kick for a while and this ring by ShopKim definitely fits the bill:

I've decided to cut myself off where cocktail rings are concerned, otherwise this would be in my Etsy shopping cart right now!

Another piece that caught my eye was this charming brooch by tinatarnoff:

Isn't it so whimsical and romantic? I'm in love. It's not a vintage pin, but rather handmade by the artist. I love it. It's not appropriate for my Christmas party outfit, but it's darling.

These earrings by leelabeelabeads are probably the closest to being somewhat appropriate for my dress, but they are just a smidge too busy to truly work. Of course, I could put them in my Etsy cart for some other occasion...

Delicate and romantic- I guess romantic is the theme of the day for me, huh? Not a bad theme if you ask me!

And then part of me wants to pair the red dress with bold turquoise, like these earrings by vintagejewelry74:

I love turquoise and red together, but it does have a somewhat Native American feel to the combination that I'm not sure is the right direction. But regardless of my inability to appropriately accessorize a red dress, Etsy has a plethora of options for me to choose from. What do you think of my finds above? Comments are always welcome.

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