Friday, March 5, 2010

Stop in the name of love...

So today I wore this to work and one of the HR ladies said to me, "You're a Supreme today?" I immediately burst into song, hence the title of this blog post. She's always teasing me about my outfits. I wore a black and white polka-dot dress about a month ago and she said I looked like Minnie Mouse. I asked her if she thought I looked like a Supreme because of the sequins or because of the hairstyle. She said, "Both." So I guess in her opinion I went to work in costume today. I don't care- I love this outfit. I like the lace top, the sequin shrug, the red patent shoes- it's all a little kooky, but that's me! What do you think of my "Supremes" outfit? Leave a comment to tell me what you think, or to quote a line from your favorite Supremes song. Have a happy Friday everyone!

1 comment:

Totally Inspired said...

I like this look too. its very girly! .. and those shoes are a fav!

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