Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just call me Annie Leibovitz

Jeans: Old Navy
Ring: Festoon
Shoes: Deb Shops

So last week there was an absolutely STUNNING day where I probably could have worn a skirt or dress, but I somehow ended up in jeans. I enjoyed this outfit a great deal, though. I love the combination of the bright mustard yellow pumps with the turquoise ring and the fuchsia earrings. The polka dots helped keep it cheerful, too. Anyway, I convinced my friend Ken to snap some more fun photos for me, but he also turned things around and I got to snap a few of him!

I'd like to take credit for my work, but I'll be honest. I probably took over 50 shots and these were the "good" ones. So maybe photography won't be in my future, but I sure had a lot of fun pretending I was good at it.

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