Friday, March 19, 2010

Project Runway: Season Seven, Episode 9

WIN: Emilio and Seth Aaron
AUF'd: Amy

I know this post is a little bit late, but I went to hear a friend play jazz at a bar downtown last night and was too sleepy to watch the episode when I got home. A day late isn't horrific, right? Anyway, on to the good stuff:

Emilio and Seth Aaron did a spectacular job on both- I couldn't believe their gown was denim and looked that elegant. Loved it all! And I also agreed with the judges other top 2 team choice of Anthony and Maya- they did an impeccable job in their tailoring and construction. Both of the top 2 teams were very ambitious, but successful with their execution. I'm very happy for Seth Aaron and Emilio- they deserved the win, but I was also a tad disappointed for Anthony and Maya- I wish all four of them could win the challenge!

The bottom 2 teams were also good calls on the judges part- there were construction issues with both teams. Once again the ambition was there, but for these two teams, the execution definitely wasn't at the level needed at this point in the competition. I felt Jay did a great job on his pants, but that was about it. Mila's outfit looked like a Mila outfit- nothing unexpected about it. I suppose that's part of why I was so disappointed that Amy went home- she may have made some ugly pieces in the last few weeks, but at least she was stepping outside the box and taking risks.

As for the general structure, I basically hate team challenges. I like to see the designers do their own thing- forced collaboration is always going to create some type of turmoil. I suppose that's why the producers set the episode up that way, but I prefer the individual challenge style.


Beth said...

Maybe it is just me, but I was not feeling Anthony and Maya's evening outfit. It may have just been my tv, but those little oragami dragons looked like cardboard packing boxes to me. I liked Jahnathans dress alot. It was very 20's deco to me.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Cardboard packing boxes- hilarious! I totally see what you are saying. And I agree with you about Jonathan's dress.

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