Friday, March 12, 2010

Shoe Dazzle- Part 2

I have to admit, so far I am quite impressed with the Shoe Dazzle experience. After I updated the original Shoe Dazzle post, I went back to the website, and selected "Send Me New Shoe Options." I was presented with the following page from their site:

Here's how it works:

Answer a few questions below to help our stylists find the shoes you're looking for.

In approximately 5 business days, the stylists will notify you by email when your new shoe selections are available. While our stylists always work hard to accomodate your requests, some styles may not be available in our inventory.

Note that once the new shoes are presented, your previous shoe selections will no longer be available.

If you are waiting for alternate shoe selections, please remember to skip the month by the 6th if you do not want to be charged the membership fee.

Please answer these questions to help our stylists find the right shoes for you

What color shoes are you interested in?
     Metallics (gold, silver)
     Neutrals (black, brown)
     Colorful (bright, pastels)

What are your desired heel heights?
     3" or higher

For what type of occasions do you plan to wear your new shoes?
     The office/work
     Casual gatherings
     Going out

OPTIONAL: Please provide a brief description of the type of shoes you're looking for
My selections are in bold print. Also, for the final answer, I wrote, "I like fun, bright colors and prints. Think spring. I wear a lot of dresses in colorful prints, so I prefer heels and wedges."
By the end of the day yesterday, there was a set of 5 alternative shoes for me to choose from. Check them out:

Touche, Shoe Dazzle- you have basically nailed it! I find all five of these shoes to be gorgeous and only one of them strikes me as not particularly "my style" which is the bottom left shoe "Brit." It's a tad more edge-y than I'm usually comfortable with, but that's not to say I don't like it. I just might not wear it all that much, so I don't think I could justify the purchase.  The other four selections are SPOT ON! They are so spot on, in fact, that I actually have shoes almost exactly like all of them already in my closet.

Since it is my first month with Shoe Dazzle, I'm not bound by the 5th-of-the-month-deadline rule, so I am going to let all of you decide. IF I were to purchase one of these shoes, which one do YOU think I should get?






OR.... should I go for the wild card, Silvie:

Leave a comment to vote for your choice. I'm not promising to buy anything, but I want to know what YOU think.


Totally Inspired said...

My vote is silvie or anya.. but i would get the gillian for myself..

Anonymous said...

LOVE them all! Seriously, all gorgeous ...

LuceBuona said...

Silvie is definetly the cutest! I think I would go for that one.
Alessandra seems to go with everything, but is not as "spring" mooded.
Rafaela is nice too,but it has more of a sexy-mood.

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