Monday, March 1, 2010


I fully intended to blog about my trip while on the busride back to Philly tonight, but I left the USB cable to my camera in my overnight bag which is currently in the cargo hold of the Megabus I am riding. Do you all know about the Megabus? If not, check it out stat. Megabus and Bolt are two SUPER CHEAP bus companies that shuttle to major cities. For example, I wasn't able to ride straight from Lancaster, PA to NYC, but I was able to go from Philly. The price for this trip- $11 each way. AND, I booked it at the absolute LAST minute. If you book  in advance, it can be as cheap as- prepare yourself- ONE DOLLAR!!! Can you believe that? Not to be a total Megabus ad, but it's really great. In addition to being super cheap and convenient, they also offer free Wi-Fi. If you aren't seriously impressed, then I don't know what's wrong with you. It's a moving vehicle, kids! With constant access to the interwebs! A-ma-zing! 

Ok, enough about the Megabus (no they didn't pay me to endorse them, either), on to the important stuff- SHOPPING! In a nutshell, this weekend was spectacular. I rode up on Friday afternoon and immediately met up with a couple of friends- Brance & Jen- and had a lovely evening at Jen's favorite pub in Sunnyside, Queens. FYI, her neighborhood is so fabulous, I'm tempted to move there immediately. No job, no reason to be in New York, but I've found an amazing neighborhood and isn't that what really matters? But I digress... Saturday was a lot of fun. My bestie Beth was in town from Boston with her boyfriend who plays in a band. He had a gig in SoHo, which is why she was in town. She and I, along with her fabulous younger sister Amy, spent the afternoon shopping in Brooklyn, followed by a fun-filled evening listening to the aforementioned band, followed by late-night pizza (the best kind, really) and then an interesting cab/subway trip back "home" to Queens for me. Sunday was another day filled with shopping and socializing. My good friend Brance and I spent the afternoon in the Herald Square area- we visited my favorite Daffy's as well as the famous Macy's, among other places. After that, we had dinner with the funniest man alive- our mutual friend Dan. My evening after that was spent relaxing with Jen back in Sunnyside.

Today was bittersweet- I had a great time, but had to say goodbye to friends and the city (for the time being). Jen and I started off the day with a leisurely brunch at a local coffeeshop. After that I went to the Garment District and did some serious fabric and trim shopping. Actually, it wasn't serious at all- I spent barely an hour there, but managed to drop $100. It's far too easy for me to do that! Anyway, Jen had an afternoon performance which I saw. She's one of the many talented dancers performing in this year's Dance Break. Click on the link to learn more- it's really a very cool thing. Anyway, after that, I caught the bus and now I'm blogging from the interstate. Interwebs on the interstate- there's a country song in there somewhere. But again, I digress... The point is, this has been a weekend FULL of socializing and shopping and I wouldn't have it any other way. Schlepping everything downtown to the bus pick-up was no party, but I do feel it was worth it.

Tomorrow I'll blog about what I bought, where I bought it and maybe even a little about what I wore while buying it. Packing for a trip to NYC with the threat of major snow while trying to keep everything in one small overnight bag was no small task. And yet, somehow I succeeded!

So, if you're interested in what I got and where I got it, check back in tomorrow or the next day for full details. Thanks for reading and have a fabulous Monday, everyone!

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