Monday, March 1, 2010

Boo. Sad Clown. But not for long...

So, I thought that right about now, I'd be zooming along the train tracks headed home to Lancaster. Unfortunately, what I'd previously thought of as the AMAZING MEGABUS arrived late in Philly. I was waiting at the door and as soon as it opened, I ran for it. I knew it was futile, but I ran anyway. I mean, trains run late sometimes, right? Well, apparently not my train tonight. And even though I was only three minutes late arriving at the platform, alas, the stars were not aligned to get me home before 10 PM tonight. So, instead I'm sitting at the Bridgewaters Pub in the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia enjoying a nice German wheat beer and a lovely Shrimp Ragout. And I've decided to blog to pass the time. (Free public Wi-Fi is another technological advancement that amazes me. Not quite as much as mobile free public wi-fi, but still.)

Anyway, Madeline over at Uber-Chic for Cheap posted today that Tulle will be holding a one day sale starting at midnight, PST. Click the link to be taken to her post about the sale. While I hope to be in bed long before the sale starts, I hope to wake up in the morning and see what kind of crazy good deal I can get. By then, it might be slim pickin's, or maybe there will be the most fabulous find EVER just waiting for me. Who knows? In the meantime, while sipping my German wheat beer and leisurely finishing my Shrimp Ragout, I've been perusing the Tulle website, specifically the jackets. If you aren't aware of my jacket and coat obsession yet, then you haven't been reading my blog enough. Anyway, here are some of my favorite Tulle jackets for spring (most are on sale!):

For some reason I'm always drawn to blue, particularly bright shades or any version even remotely close to Tiffany blue. I can't explain it.

Aren't the cap sleeves on this coat just darling? I love the print as well.

Everyone can use a standard trench coat, but if this is too blah for you in terms of color, no worries- it comes in a bright peach version as well!

I'm not usually a fan of linen, but I am always a fan of a well-placed bow.

Military details are still hip in case you were wondering. So get on board already!

Get this lovely kelly green cropped jacket just in time for St. Patrick's Day! And even without the luck o' the Irish, it's a bargain price!

I'm not saying you should only buy a jacket during this one-day sale, but should you decide that a new spring jacket is in your future, I think these are some pretty good choices. The colors are bright and spring-y, the shapes are flattering and the details make each one unique. If I hadn't shopped myself silly this weekend, I might consider getting the blue "Tullette" coat above. Who knows, maybe I'll get it anyway! Actually, this post is a bit of a clue as to what I got for myself while shopping in the city. But you'll have to wait a bit for full disclosure, so be sure to check back tomorrow. And while you're waiting (on the edge of your seat- don't pretend you aren't!), visit Tulle for a great one-day sale or Uber-Chic for Cheap for some fabulous fashion deals.

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