Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rate My Look- mixing plaids

Shoes: Bakers, gift
Ring: Festoon, $42
Cardigan: Marshalls, gift
Earings: Ann Taylor Loft, $7

Sorry the photo is so blurry today- I didn't have a lot of time to get a shot, so I was sort of stuck with this one. Anyway, I'm wearing a plaid strapless sundress that I've "winterized" with a fabulous cardigan. What makes this outfit fun for me is the mixing of plaids- in the dress and on the shoes. People say not to mix prints, but I don't buy that rule. Mix away, friends! I wish the sleeves on the cardigan were more visible because they are so fun- they sort of balloon out at the elbow and then gather back in at the hem. I love the sweater for this reason, but also because of the way it creates a v-neck AND a sort of inverted-v from the waist down. It's incredibly flattering and makes my waist seem oh-so-tiny.

In other news... I hope all of you have not forgotten to post a comment on Monday's Giveaway post. It's the only way to be entered into the drawing for the $20 gift certificate from Eshakti. I'm SO excited to get my pants & top from them- hopefully it will arrive this week and I'll be able to do a complete review for you. But, even if you aren't interested in their clothes (and I can't understand why you wouldn't be!), they have lots of fun accessories, too.

And finally, here is a little sneak peek of some DIY fashions I've been working on. Can you figure out what they are?

 (Why won't this picture center for me? Weird.)

Intrigued? Especially by the first one, right? Well you'll have to wait a few more days to find out about them, but I think you're going to enjoy these future posts! Have a great day, everyone!

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