Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shopping Booty- Part 3

I'm really excited about the clothes that I bought in the city this weekend:

It's only three pieces, but they are three classic and versatile pieces. First is a really cute poly-satin top from Daffy's that I got for only $3.99!

Please forgive the horrible wrinkles- it suffered quite a bit in transit, but it's nothing a little steam won't take right out. Next is a fabulous skirt from Brooklyn Industries. Originally $78, I paid only $29.99 for it! I'm excited to wear it because it's nice and full with a high waist, my standard silhouette. I'm trying to get more into skirts lately, and this is a great one to add to my wardrobe.

Finally, one of the best bargains of the weekend was this Tulle jacket that I got at Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn. It's a fabulous consignment shop that I wish was close to where I live because I would hit it at least once a week. This great double-breasted jacket with an adorable peplum was a bargain at $16.95!

All three pieces are basic, but interesting. The top has a nice sheen, plus the pretty neckline ruffle detail. The skirt is a little fuller than a-line, and with the color blocking, it's visually interesting without being busy. Finally, the jacket's peplum takes it from a bland, basic double breasted jacket to fun and feminine and a little bit flirty. And since they are all neutrals, I can pair them with each other, or with anything else in my closet. The skirt will be great in winter with bright or patterned tights as well as in the spring and summer with bare legs and sandals. The jacket will be great for both spring and fall as well as those unseasonably warm "winter" days that happen so frequently around here. It's going to be a great layering piece. Finally, the top will work with jeans, a skirt, my high waist sailor pants, even a pair of shorts. It can be layered under a cardi or jacket in the cooler months or it can stand alone in the warmer months. I can't wait to start using these pieces in my every day outfits!

Check back soon for the final installment in this "Shopping Booty" series to see what fabrics and trims I purchased. I might even put together some sketches so that you can see how I plan to use the materials I bought! Have a great night- I'll be back soon!


Fell 4 Fashion said...

Great deals! That skirt is absolutely adorable!

Beth said...

Beacon Hill is so amaizing for shopping isn' t it? What great finds...

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