Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peaceful Protest

In protest of the cold weather that seems to be descending upon Lancaster, PA, I am posting "Ten Spring Finds for $10 or Less." Enjoy! (Click the description of each item to be taken to the site where it is sold.)
Old Navy Graphic Tee (Available in several colors), $9.99

Forever 21 Flowy Blurred Floral Skirt (Available in 2 colors), $9.50

Thai Silk Embroidered Clutch (Available in many colors), Etsy $7.00
(I think of it as more of a coin purse, but whatevs)

Mossimo Perri Gladiator Sandal (via Amazon), $8.04

Forever 21 Aviator-Style Sunglasses (Available in 2 colors), $5.80

Old Navy Ruffle Trim Jersey Cami (Available in many colors), $8-$10

Old Navy Canvas Tote (Available in 4 colors), $10

Know any other great deals out there right now? Leave a comment!

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Beth said...

Hey beautiful- You won a blog award from me...


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