Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rate My Look- it's summer again!

Today was ANOTHER beautiful fall day that felt like summer- the sun was shining, my thermometer read 68 degrees, and the wind was just breezy enough to feel good without really cooling things down too much. I of course took this opportunity to wear another "summer" dress to work. You've seen it before, but I've paired it with different accessories this time:

The picture has actually done the blue color justice this time. Maybe I had the timing just right with where the sun was or something. Anyway, it's so comfortable, but also so gorgeous. I paired it with fall-color accessories- my yellow and orange baubles ring, my mustard yellow patent pumps and an orange and green vintage enamel flower pin:

It may seem like a lot of colors to put together, but they all work together flawlessly (in my humble opinion). What do you think? It's certainly not an outfit typical of a mid-November day, but that's sort of what I love about it.

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