Monday, March 29, 2010

Brunettes have just as much fun as blondes...

And I would know because I was once a blonde and now I am a brunette. I was born with the blondest of blonde hair and it stayed blonde all the way through college. Shortly thereafter it started to darken up a litttle bit, but then three years ago I went for the dark brunette look and I haven't regretted it once.

It seems like whenever the subject of a cute brunette comes up, the immediate response is to mention Zooey Deschanel. It makes sense- she's basically the cutest person alive with a unique but accessible sense of style. She wears vintage in a way that looks modern and fresh. It's understandable why everyone loves her. And her music is catchy, too! But today I want to focus on some other adorable brunettes whose style is just as cute and accessible as Zooey's.

For starters, let's talk about Katie Holmes. Despite the drama and rumors surrounding her marriage, I think she is just so precious. She has a great sense of style and looks so put together so much of the time. I am in love with this look:

It translates beautifully into spring as well- a more open-toed shoe and walking shorts instead of jeans and it's a perfect spring outfit. The success of this outfit hinges upon the flowy, uber-feminine lace tiered top juxtaposed against the structure of the fitted pants and of course the menswear-inspired military jacket. Below are two options for putting this outfit together for yourself- the left is a cool weather option, the right warm weather and the center pieces are what would be used for both outfits.

Tiered Lace Knit Top, Forever 21, $19.80
Sunglasses, Aldo, $12
Cool weather options:
Martin Skinny Pant, Banana Republic, $89.50
Trikki Oxford, Steve Madden, $99.95
Warm weather options:
Denim Cadet Vest, Forever 21, $24.80
Bermuda Short, Banana Republic, $49.50
Adalie Flat, Nine West, $110
Another favorite brunette of mine (for her style) is Emmy Rossum, most known for her role in the film version of The Phantom of the Opera. Here she is wearing Christian Siriano (of course I have to love her for that):

Is she adorable or what? And while she can certainly rock the glam look, she's equally fabulous-looking in something far more casual and breezy:

This is another simple outfit to recreate:
Square Neck Dress, Old Navy, $12.99
Prime Denim Jacket, Forever 21, $26.80
Caryssa Platform Pump, Steve Madden, $99.95

Finally, the last brunette I'd like to feature today is Vanessa Hudgens. I absolutely adore this casual look- it's obviously super comfy, but also super chic.

Here's the last style collage of the day- an attempt to recreate Vanessa's fabulous casual look:

Crinkle Shirtdress, Banana Republic, $120
Straw Floppy Hat, Target, Available in store only- call for price and availability
Ambrozia Sandal, Nine West, $59
Black Hobo Handbag, Purse Boutique, $29.95

So that's my case for why brunettes can have just as much fun (and be just as stylish) as any blonde out there! Leave a comment to tell me what you think of the celebrity style or my versions in the collages, or anything else that comes to mind! Have a great night!


Beth said...

I am a dye-hard (lol)brunette freak. I love being a brunette and I think all the most beutiful women in the world are brunette too (Liz Hurley is my personal fav)
Thanks for the collages- I love that tiered top.

The Cat and The Cow said...

I love all the collages! Great outfits! I was blonde my whole life up until I was about 20 when I went to brunette and never went back! I love being brunette and I dont think I will ever go back to blonde.

Totally Inspired said...

These looks are sooo cute!!!!I heart all of them! and that first dress is sooo cute, whew! soooo sooo cute!

L + A said...

A new (blonde) follower ! I've dyed my hair dark too and oddly, I felt much more confident. Who knew? I love these looks. If it weren't for my naturally light roots, I would have stayed a brunette . Love the blog!

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