Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shopping Booty- Part 2

I hope you loved my shoes as much as I do, but if not that's ok! There were plenty of other fun purchases and acquisitions made in the city this weekend that I want to share with you. It's easy to give advice about how to dress for your body type or how to incorporate trends or basically anything else about dressing with style, but the truth is that style is an incredibly personal thing. So I guess that's why I'm excited to talk about my purchases. Maybe it's a little self-indulgent, but I like to share what I like with other people even if they don't like or understand it as well. So, that being said, here are the rest of my "accessories" acquired over the weekend. I say "acquired" because I didn't buy it all- one item was a gift from my BFF Beth. Here's the accessories booty of the weekend:

You've already seen the shoes in my last post- the rest is pretty basic. I got three new headbands, a pair of bright red tights and the handbag from Beth. I blogged about this particular bag a while ago. Click here to be taken to that post. We laugh about this bag now, but at the time she bought it, we absolutely loved it. It's kind of an inconvenient and impractical bag to carry because the pockets are small in general, but even smaller at the top. Despite this challenge, I fully intend to put an outfit together featuring this particular handbag and I promise to post it on the blog. In addition to the shoes and the bag, I got some pretty unique headbands. Well, at least one of them is really unique to me- it's brown satin and it blends in with my haircolor really well. Several people have seen me wearing it and actually thought I'd somehow managed to style my hair into the shape on the headband- it's taken them a minute to figure out that it's actually a headband.

I got for $8 it at a boutique called Goldy & Mac in Brooklyn. I've already worn it three times since purchasing it, so I know it was a good choice. One more time wearing it and the cost-per-wear will be only $2. Pretty decent if you ask me!

The other two headbands are from Old Navy and are a little less elegant, but still a lot of fun. Each one cost $6. One is covered in a cream and brown printed fabric:

The other is covered in a baby pink chiffon with lots of pretty chiffon "petals." It's very whimsical and girly.

Between these three headbands, the one Beth gave me for Christmas, and the others I had previously, I'm going to need to come up with a better headband storage method. I don't want the pretty embellishments to get ruined because I've just tossed them all into a basket together, you know? I'll keep you posted on what I come up with!

My final accessory purchase barely counts, in my opinion- it's just a pair of bright red tights purchased for $14. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog before, but I've been looking for a pair of bright red, opaque tights for a couple of months now. I made a dress for myself with some fabric I'd purchased at Mood several months ago and even though the fabric is a distinctly summer fabric, I wanted to wear the dress sooner! I thought if I could find the right tights, I could make it happen. Unfortunately, I couldn't find them locally. I knew that American Apparel has several shades of red tights, but I didn't want to risk it buying them online, so as soon as I got to New York, I popped into the first American Apparel I encountered (they're everywhere in the city) and grabbed the right shade- Tango Red. Hopefully I'll be able to wear this somewhat outlandish outfit for the blog soon. It's my Pushing Daisies inspired dress and I can't wait to wear it!

Well, that's the conclusion of my accessories purchases for the weekend. I hope you've enjoyed seeing them. Check back again to see the rest! And in the meantime, leave me a comment or two- you know I love them!

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