Thursday, July 16, 2009

What's your new black?

"It's the new black!"

"Pink's the new black!"

"Orange is the new pink!"

"Blue is the new red!"

"Red is the new neutral!"

The phrase has certainly become cliche and laughable over the years, but ultimately the idea remains the same. It's all about inspiration and freshness. The fashion industry is one that changes too quickly for most people to keep up, so why not pick your own "new black?" The idea is that black is a staple, a go-to option that works in almost any situation. (Which is why some of those variations are so laughable- "Pink is the new black?" Maybe for Elle Woods, but not for the masses.) Black is versatile and looks good on everyone. And if you look good, you feel good, right? But for me, it's all about style. That's a good one- "Style is the new black." Style is about your own perspective- it's taking "the new black" or whatever is trendy and "it" right now and adding your own spin on it. Or ignoring the trends completely because they just aren't "you." It's a bit of flair in the form of an accessory, or the way you tie your scarf, a vintage piece, or a new way of using something from the past. Trends will come and go. There will always be "a new black." So find what inspires you and make that YOUR new black.

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DominikanFlaka10 said...

I really like this section about the new black because this is what I live by. So many people follow trends because everyone uses them and they do not look right on everyone. Just because everyone is doing it does not mean it's cute.

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