Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rate My Look- 2nd time today!

Good afternoon everybody! Bonus post today- ANOTHER "Rate My Look" for your reading pleasure. Today it was a little chilly when I left for work, so I decided on wearing a coat and since it was another spectacularly sunny morning, I thought I'd do another photo session outside. The pictures look a little crooked because my camera was on my car (still doing the self-timer portrait) and it wasn't a completely flat surface. Despite that, I think the pictures came out fine. I'm starting to get a little bit better at editing the photos. I always crop them down, but yesterday and today I actually adjusted the scene balance to reduce the glare from the warm morning sun and was amazed at how easy it is to do. Honestly, I've deleted many a photo because of the exposure, but now I realize there's hope even for such a terrible self-photographer like myself! Anyway, on to the outfit:

Despite being a little large all around (and especially in the shoulders), I really love this coat. I believe I bought it at Burlington Coat Factory which in my family is affectionately referred to as "the BCF" years ago for around $50. I'm guessing at the price, but knowing when I bought it and what I could afford at the time, I'm pretty sure that even $50 was a splurge. I would normally dress up a coat like this with a brooch or scarf or something to add a little punch to the outfit." Too bad I was a bit behind schedule this morning and didn't have time! But to be perfectly honest, I think that sometimes simple is best and if the garment is well made and well tailored, it doesn't need a lot of bells & whistles for it to be perfectly fabulous. And there's something about pure winter white coat that just seems a little rich all on its own, don't you think? Moving on... Under the coat is this outfit:

Pants: TJ Maxx, $19.99
Top: JC Penney, too long ago to remember the price, but I'm thinking somewhere in the $10 range
Shoes: BCF, $19.99
Faux Pearls: Rue 21, $8 total
Sunglasses: Michael Kors, gift

I love a nice wide-leg trouser, but these are especially comfortable- the fabric is so soft and fluid- it's almost like wearing pajamas. Almost. The sailor buttons are fun, too, although it basically means that I almost never wear a top that doesn't get tucked in because what's the point of cool sailor pants if no one can tell that they're cool sailor pants, right? The top was purchased years ago at JC Penney when I still lived in New Hampshire. I rediscovered it this year and I fell in love all over again. I feel incredibly feminine in it, and that femininity is only increased with the addition of all those strands of faux pearls. Statement necklaces are all over the place, as are multi-strand beaded necklaces and I'm loving the trend. Ann Taylor and the sister store Ann Taylor Loft both have lots of really fun necklaces available right now. Unfortunately, most of their jewelry is running in the $35-$80 range. My faux pearls were only $2/strand at Rue 21- I'm wearing 4 total, but they vary in size, so I think it works pretty well. If you have the eighty bucks to drop on a trendy necklace, may I recommend this one from Ann Taylor:

I'm in love with the steel blue color, but it would actually have to be a little longer of a necklace for me to wear it. I'm "short-necked" as they call it, so a large necklace that isn't very drapey just makes me look like I'm being choked. It's not pretty. Trust me. Here's a closer look at my faux-cessories:

I had to take the last picture quickly because I was starting to freeze. It's getting colder and colder each day and I really wish it wouldn't. I'm not looking forward to shoveling snow. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it's another light winter here in South Central PA.

Have a great day!


Miss Caitlin S. said...

Can I just say that I LOVE your outfit? The high-risen black pants are classic and trendy, the jacket is divine and the top looks wonderful. Nice work!

f8hasit said...

I love the winter white coat.
I have one similar and it's become my favorite.

It's a great look. I always opt for simplicity. Persoanlly I wouldn't wear as many pearls. I like the heavy pearl look, but with the lace it's a little too much. If it were a plain top, layer those on.

But overall, stellar! One of my favorites you've listed thus far!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I know what you mean about the pearls plus the lace, but I guess my philosophy most of the time is to take it that extra step further. It's probably my costuming experience working against me! Lol! But for me, when it comes to feminine details, I'm all about over-the-top sometimes. I do, however, take Coco Chanel's advice to look in the mirror and remove one item. Hard to believe, but I do!

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