Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wardrobe Capsule

I'm watching the Oscars right now, but I've also been checking out some of my favorite blogs. I recently discovered Mrs. Hall who just participated in a Wardrobe Capsule Challenge via The Small Fabric of My Life. She did a great job with her capsule and I was inspired. I have unfortunately missed the deadline to participate, but I decided not to let that stop me. The challenge is as follows:

Choose ten items from your wardrobe (jeans, tops, dresses, shoes, etc.) as well as five accessories (jewelry, scarves, etc.) and create your looks for an entire week using only those items. Undergarments and hosiery do not count towards the items you select. Participants are supposed to blog about it throughout the first week of March.

Since I missed the challenge timeframe, I decided to just do it for the fun of it in one night (tonight). And as penance I made myself complete outfits for seven days, not just five. My ten items included one black & white skirt, one brown cowl neck top, one lace dress/tunic, one pair of dark wash jeans, one black top, one red cropped jacket, one blue plaid cropped jacket,one coral cotton top, one pair of black wedges, and one pair of blue high heels:
My accessories included 2 brooches, one cocktail ring, one scarf, and one pair of earrings:

So without further ado, here are my seven wardrobe capsule outfits:

Jeans, cowl neck top, red croppe jacket, black wedges, cocktail ring, and brooch.

Jeans, brown cowl neck top, lace dress/tunic, and earrings.

Skirt, coral top, black wedges, and earrings.

Skirt, black top, blue heels, and earrings.

Jeans, black top, plaid cropped jacket, black wedges and blue scarf.

Jeans, black top, lace dress/tunic, cocktail ring, brooch and blue heels.

Black top, red cropped jacket, lace dress/tunic, black wedges and cocktail ring.

Please forgive my lack of hairstyle and makeup for this photo shoot. As I mentioned, it was fairly last-minute. I'm glad I participated, even if it was only for an evening because it is a great tool to help convince anyone out there that you don't need a lot of THINGS to have a lot of OUTFITS. Ten pieces is not very many especially when shoes have to be counted! Five accessories is also an incredibly small number. But don't misunderstand- this is a good thing. Think about how many times you've packed a bag for a week-long trip. How great would it be to use the parameters of this challenge when packing? You'd have a much lighter bag! Well, I would anyway.

I challenge all of you to try this for yourself and see what you come up with in your own closet. The limited number of pieces allowed forces you to choose versatile items and also to think about how to use them in more interesting combinations. If I had it all to do over again, I would have selected completely different accessories. I thought I was choosing versatile accessories, but in reality I felt very limited by them. I would have lost one of the brooches and picked a fun necklace instead. But the exercise was educational regardless of my satisfaction with each outfit.

If you're interested in seeing more wardrobe capsule outfits, check out The Small Fabric of My Life. Also, take a few minutes to visit Danielle over at Fell 4 Fashion. She's been remixing the same LBD every Monday for the last 12 weeks! Not quite the same challenge, but still inspiring. She makes the same dress look fresh and new every single week.


Totally Inspired said...

Oh Renee, you did a GREAT JOB with the challenge. And this is pretty fun. I wish I had done it this way, that way the challenge is all done in a week and I can wear what I want for the rest of the week!

ok, so I have so many favorites.. but I especially love that b/w skirt.. its too too cute! and I totally agree, this challenge was best for teaching lessons.. women CAN actually pack light. I will be using these packing skills at the end of the month for a trip to Memphis. I cant wait to get packing with my ten items ( but imma need a few more accessories). And I may use (steal) a few ideas from some of these looks.

This was just too too tooooo CUUUUTE! Loved it!!thxs

Beth said...

I can't believe you did all that with so few pieces! And can I publicly declare apologies for any doubts I had about that black and white skirt? It's amazing, and it may inspire me to try an ensem that has a similarly defined waistline. Great, great job!

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