Saturday, October 23, 2010


This weekend (likely as you read this), I'm attending PodCampNH and hopefully learning lots and lots about new media- what other people from other industries are doing with it, what new media I can integrate into my blog and/or website and maybe even what types of new media are out there that I have yet to discover. I also hope to be meeting lots of interesting people. 

If you happen to be one of those interesting people I've met this weekend and are checking out my blog for the first time, you may or may not have just discovered that I have a little over 500 posts to date. I certainly don't expect you to wade through them all, so I've compiled my "Top Ten Fifteen" posts from the last 16 months as a starting point for you. I hope you like them enough to continue perusing on your own and maybe leave a comment or two (or ten), but if not, thanks anyway for stopping by! 

1.) My first post- What's Your New Black?
2.) One of my first instructional posts, perhaps more relevant today than when I posted it- Recession Fashionista: How to Dress for a Job Interview

3.) A guide to avoiding feeling overwhelmed when shopping, strangely titled- I Lied

4.) The post that (eventually) spawned my Etsy shop- Lady in Red

5.) Unlike many other fashion blogs, I try to acknowledge that women come in all shapes and sizes. This post offers shopping solutions to many different body types- Square Peg, Round Hole

6.) This is one of the MANY posts where I show some amazing items from Etsy (and long before I started my own shop, too)- Fabulous Etsy Finds

7.) A fun, Tiffany's- inspired post that offers a little insight into my personality and taste preferences- Happy (Little Blue) Boxing Day

8.) One of my favorite "Rate My Look" posts- Rate My Look- Elongating Effects

9.) One of my few attempts at a humorous post- I Met Someone Today

10.) Advice for keeping it fresh- In a Rut?

11.) I actually have TWO posts that I titled along similar lines- you decide which one is actually the "BEST"- Accessories Anonymous: The BEST Accessory Ever and Best Accessory EVER 

12.) I don't limit what inspires me- if I see a rock on the ground and it makes me think of something fashionable to write about, that's great- Inspiration: Maggie the Cat

13.) Posting an average of once per day is sometimes hard to maintain, as is my weekly "Shoesday Tuesday" entry, so I do the best I can- Shoesday Tuesday- Out of Time

14.) I even admit when I'm wrong (sometimes)- Rate My Look- I'm Eating My Words

15.) One of the few posts that really shows my personal/private life- Announcement: I have BIG news!

I hope you enjoy clicking around my blog- stay as long as you like! 

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