Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Job Dress Code

I don't yet know what the dress code at my new job is going to be, but right now I'm planning to wear a lot of basic, but professional dresses and let my personality show through my shoes and accessories. I've been dressing in a lot of bold prints and outlandish styles for the last few years and while that works perfectly well for a costume designer, I think it might be a bit over-the-top for a bridal professional. I hope to do some shopping over the next couple of weeks, but here are some dresses I found online that I think are absolutely perfect:

Well Red Dress, Modcloth, $54.99
(wouldn't it be my luck that it's sold out?)

Recently Promoted Dress, Modcloth, $164.99
(I'm literally DYING over this dress right now. It is SO me!)

Benefit Gala Dress, Modcloth, $147.99

Kaleido-taupe Dress, Modcloth, $67.99

In a perfect world, I think my "Bridal Professional" style will be polished and sleek with touches of quirky details and interesting accessories. I think I'll do some outlet shopping next week to start building my new career wardrobe!

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