Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Craigslist is my friend

I have a confession to make: I am a Craigslist junkie. I have sold furniture, clothing, shoes, accessories, kitchen items, home decor, even a fake Christmas tree on Craiglist. I've bought furniture, cell phones, books, a TV, and just this week- a SERGER! I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am. Sewing without a serger is not nearly as good. Sergers trim the edge of the fabric and then encase the edge in thread, which prevents fraying. Also, there are settings you can adjust that prevent puckering and stretching when you sew with stretch fabrics. All told, sergers are amazing. Look at the inside of whatever garment you're wearing right now and I can practically guarantee you'll see a serged edge:

I've been without one since moving from PA on September 17th and I barely lasted this one month without one. I started hunting on craigslist- both New Hampshire and Massachusetts sites. There weren't many posted, plus I didn't want to spend more than $200. Well, on Sunday evening as I was perusing the site, I saw a brand new serger listed for $100. Granted, it was not the most high-end serger on the market, but at that price, I would be happy even if it needed a tune-up at my local sewing shop. If you use craigslist at all, you know it can be a hassle- you need to be the first person to reply to the ad, or there are no guarantees. Actually, even then there are still no guarantees. Then, you need to coordinate with the seller, who could choose to sell to someone who replied much later than you simply because it is more convenient for them- perhaps the buyer lives closer or their availability to pick up the item is more open than yours. Maybe they offered the seller more money because they really wanted the item. Honestly, for every item I've "won" on craigslist, I've lost at least two or three others.

If you look at it like a hunting-type of game, it can be fun shopping on craigslist. In fact, I prefer the buying end of the site to the selling end. Although, luck was on my side for selling when I was moving out of PA- literally EVERY item I posted on craigslist sold almost immediately. There were even things I was torn over- like my baker's rack. I'd purchased it on craigslist three years ago for $50. It was the kind that broke down pretty nicely so storage wasn't really an issue, but given how much other stuff I had, I didn't want to take anything extra or unnecessary. I figured that it was a pretty easy item to replace once I got a new place up in NH, but since I loved it so much, I figured I'd post it for $60, that way I was making a small profit and that helped ease the hurt of letting it go. I did the same thing with my dining table. I posted it for higher than I paid for it and determined that if it sold, it was meant to be. I felt like the craigslist selling queen that week! I got rid of my baker's rack, my table & chairs, 2 book shelves, a desk, a fake Christmas tree (with all the decorations), a mission-style chair I'd re-upholstered myself and even some artwork.

I still enjoy perusing the "for sale" postings on craigslist just to see what's out there and what people are charging for various things. It always cracks me up when I see something like a couch listed for $600 or $700. For real? If I had that kind of money to spend on a couch, I wouldn't be shopping on craigslist! When I sell on craigslist, I price the item to move, except in the cases I mentioned above where I wasn't quite certain I wanted to sell. The desk I sold? $25. The Christmas tree with all the trimmings? $20. The table and chairs? $150. Not exactly bank-busting prices! I like the idea of an online community where someone who needs to get rid of something sells it a bargain price to another person who can really use it, but maybe can't afford to buy it brand new and full price. I sold my old dress form because it was too rickety and old for me. It went to a woman who is opening up a fair trade clothing shop, so I not only provided her with a bargain, but the form went to a good cause and that made me feel good! And now I get to peruse the site for a new dress form for myself!

When I told my mom that I was looking online for those two things- a serger and a new dress form, she said, "If you find one for a good price, let me know- it will be your welcome home/early Christmas present from me." So when I found the serger for $100, I knew it was meant to be. The brand is one that retails for around $299, so I couldn't pass up the deal. I picked it up last night, brought it home, threaded it, adjusted the settings and tensions and gave it a test run. It worked like a dream and I can't wait to use it on a project!

I have to admit that it feels as though every little detail of my move up north is working itself out tremendously. I won't bore you with all of those little details, but they are working themselves out incredibly. I hope my good fortune continues- it feels like God is watching over me and putting all the pieces of the puzzle exactly where they belong. And now to find that dress form...

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f8hasit said...

I've not done a lot on Craigslist. Probably becaue it's rather archaic and difficult to surf, but also becaue of all the bad buzz. Not that I'm looking at those personal sites mind you, but it gives me the creeps.

However, on YOUR recommendation I might peruse some stuff there as opposed to ebay. The stuff that I've decided not to sell but need to unload I give away on Freecycle. It's amazing the things that I've gotten for FREE!

PS I hope your good fortune continues a well....

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