Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What an Amazing Wednesday!

Today was quite possibly one of the most fun days I've had since coming back to New Hampshire. When I talked about moving, my ridiculously talented friend Kate of Studio Nouveau said, "I can take pictures of your dresses!" What a dream! She and Lara (her business partner) are two incredible photographers who really know what they're doing. Today I remember thinking to myself, "That's not a camera- it's a magic wand!" Of course, that's really doing Kate a disservice because the magically wonderful photos are actually due to her talent and skill. I don't consider myself to be particularly photogenic, so the idea of being photographed is pretty terrifying. However, the experience with Kate was nothing but completely relaxed and fun. I think we giggled for about 95% of the shoot. It flew by and before I knew it, we were parting ways again. I can't wait to post pictures from the shoot here on the blog, but you'll have to wait a bit longer for that. To check out Studio Nouveau's blog, click here. Book them early- they are two very busy ladies, and it's for good reason.

Kate took shots of the three new dresses I made for myself over the last couple of weeks. I made them with the intention of wearing them mostly to work, but I may break one or two of them out for this weekend. "What's this weekend?" you ask. Well, it's Pod Camp NH in Portsmouth and somehow I've managed to get the courage to present. If you haven't heard of Pod Camp, it's basically an "un-conference" focused mainly on new media (blogging, social networking, podcasting, video on the net, etc.). People from all walks of life and various professional and personal backgrounds will be in attendance. I'll be talking about my experience as a fashion stylist/designer and how I use social media within that field- including this blog. What makes it an "un-conference" is that the attendees are actually the presenters. You may be sitting next to someone at one session and then see them leading the next one! If you're interested in learning more, you can visit the FAQ page, or if you want to get even more involved you can register to attend or even better, propose a session to lead.

So the big question of the day is: do I wear one of my new dresses to attend and/or lead a session at PodCamp? I think the answer is obvious, but which one to wear? I'll be sure to take pictures over the weekend and I will also be sure to blog about the experience next week. I have a feeling I have a LOT to learn about new media!

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f8hasit said...

You are an inspiration.

Designing new dresses. MAKING new dresses AND leading a pod camp?

I can't wait to see the photo shoot pics. I'm sure they will be something that could appear on W magazine....

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