Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best Accessory EVER

Please forgive the less than flattering angle on this photograph- I merely want to show you all the BEST ACCESSORY I HAVE EVER WORN:

Look closely and you will see my backstage pass to the Ringo Starr concert that played at AMT on Tuesday. I need to frame that sucker. And yes, I did get to meet Ringo, very briefly. Then I listened to his soundcheck and then I watched the concert which was fabulous. Never in my life did I ever expect to hear a Beatle sing live. When he sang "Yellow Submarine" and "A Little Help from My Friends," it was absolutely surreal. I'm only 31 years old. When the Beatles came to America, my parents hadn't even met. It would be another fifteen years before I was born. I've always been a Beatles fan, but I never imagined I would get to hear one sing only 100 feet away from me, much less meet him. Ringo sang a few songs down front, but for much of the concert he played his Ludwig drum kit, the same style kit he played with the Beatles. Of course the Beatles logo on the bass drum has been replaced with a star. It's funny- one of my coworkers said he felt chills when he heard Ringo singing, but less thrilled when he sat down at the drum kit. I sort of felt the opposite. I felt like when Ringo sat behind his drum set it was like going back in time a little and that gave me chills.

The other amazing thing about the evening was hearing all the other members of the All Starr Band. The band is made up of some of rock n' roll's greats including Gary Wright (Dream Weaver), Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer of The McCoy's, Wally Palmer, Richard Page and Gregg Bissonette. I mention the McCoy's because during the concert Derringer told the story of how the McCoy's have the distinction of having had a No. 1 hit on Billboard- "Hang on Sloopy"- while the Beatles' "Yesterday" was at No. 2. Of course it only lasted a week, but still- that's quite an accomplishment. The concert was wonderful- these guys all played and sang like the rock stars they are.

It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I'm glad I was there to do it. Next up- Paul McCartney! (If only...)


Beth said...

You are too funny! You're glowing in this picture! I'm glad that your dream came true.

WickedThrifty said...

ringo was always my favorite! lucky you! love the sash :D

Totally Inspired said...

GREAT accessory! sounds like an amazing time.. that makes for a happy evening!

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