Thursday, October 7, 2010

Winter in New England

Last year was one of the worst winter's I've seen- the area in Pennsylvania where I lived actually got more snow than the area I used to live in New Hampshire. And that's saying something! The difference between how PA handled the snow versus how it is generally handled in NH is remarkable. In PA, everyone just stays home, waits for the snow to stop falling, then waits even longer for the handful of plows that will then go out and start to clear the roads. In New Hampshire, the plows are out as soon as the snow starts to fall- they plow, salt and sand throughout the storm, so that the roads don't accumulate too much snow. The main roads, of course. Back roads are handled later, but still swiftly. Also, the definition of "cleared roads" is vastly different in PA than it is in NH. As someone who has spent the majority of her life living in New England, the difference was a major shock to me and something I never quite got used to.

Anyway, now that I'm back in New England and the weather is starting to get colder, I've been pulling out my warmer clothes to wear. I packed all of my outerwear in a large wardrobe box and I keep procrastinating on un-packing it. The only jacket I have unpacked is a spring/fall weight denim jacket. It's not going to cut it much longer- eventually I'm going to need a warmer coat and that means I'll either have to unpack that box, or I'll have to go shopping. Given how many jackets and coats I own, shopping seems ludicrous, until you see these coats:

Chocolate and Coffee Coat, Anthropologie, $398

Curtsey Coat, Anthropologie, $298

Craftsmanship Capelet, Anthropologie, $118

Big City Blues Coat, Modcloth, $129.99

A Fresh Coat, Modcloth, $107.99

I am such a sucker for beautiful outerwear. It makes my heart ache. You think I'm being dramatic, but it's true.


Beth said...

Okay, remember when we went to Anthropologie and it was just heartbreaking looking at the beautiful clothes and then looking at the price tags? Pretty much happening again on my end hear. So beautiful! So far out of my price range! But that red coat is alllmmooosssttt worth it.

Beth said...

Amazing coats. I have a bit of a coat fetish myself.

Congrads on your new job!!!!!

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