Friday, April 2, 2010

I met someone today...

Actually, he's more than just "someone," he's the perfect boyfriend. He's sweet, oh, so very, very sweet. He listens to me talk about basically anything I want and never complains. He goes wherever I want to go, also without complaint. Come to think of it, he's actually rather quiet and basically lets me do all the talking. Which I like. Anyway, I met him at work today and immediately fell in love. We went outside for a little while because the weather was so nice.
Isn't he adorable? I think we look really great together. What a cute couple, right? Well, it was the beginning of a perfect romance. Our first date was going really well.
I suggested we have lunch. He didn't respond. I took that to mean that he wasn't hungry. Unfortunately, for him, I was.

I lost control. I don't know what came over me. He smelled so delicious, I just couldn't resist him. (Insert "Jaws" music here.)

I bit his head off. Brings new meaning to the term "maneater," right? So sorry, little Donut-Man. As much as I loved you, I don't think it would have worked out between us. I really need a man with a little more personality and a little less carbs.


Beth said...

I dated someone in college with roughly the same IQ

Anonymous said...

From the first photo I could tell "Mr Man" was a doughnut and I became instantly hungry. I wouldn't have the restraint to take all those photos before I ate the dang thing. Impressed I am! (PS what it good?)

Beth said...

Also, he clearly had no fashion sense. Glaze is so last year.

(By the way, I am now 100% on board with that skirt. Your ensem, with the flower and everything, is too adorable.)

Astroman said...
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Catherine said...

Whoa there that was a little disturbing!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Beth & Beth- you girls crack me up!

Anonymous (a.k.a Brance)- it was delicious and apparently I have more self restraint than you. :)

Catherine- disturbing? or... HILARIOUS?! hahaha

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