Monday, October 18, 2010

How to Look Thin- Even in Winter!

Fall and winter mean thick sweaters, heavy coats, and wool trousers- not exactly the first things that come to mind when you want to look thin! I prefer dressing for the spring and summer for obvious reasons: the light-weight fabrics, no bulky layering to keep warm, even the clothes themselves seem to be made with less fabric somehow. Unfortunately, we don't all live in the tropics, so dressing with bulkier clothes in the cooler months can be necessary. It does not, however, need to be unflattering. Here are three simple solutions to looking thin and trim even in the dead of winter:

It hardly makes a difference which color you've chosen to wear, if all the elements of your outfit are in the same color choice, the effect will be a magically slimming look. In the example pictured above, everything is grey, but if you add a pop of color with something like a handbag, or a piece of jewelry, the effect will remain the same, so don't think that monochromatic has to mean boring. In fact, monochromatic is often very sophisticated and bright. Take this example of Emma Pillsbury, our favorite OCD guidance counselor:

The whole idea behind a monochromatic outfit is the concept of thinking vertically with your clothing. But using just one color isn't the only way to create vertical lines in your outfits. 

In the set pictured above, you can clearly see how vertical lines can be created any number of ways: 

1.) Vertical prints like stripes
2.) Vertical silhouettes like a pencil skirt or sheath
3.) Long necklaces and scarves
4.) Vertical details like the ruffles detail on the blouse and the scallop edge on the coat
5.) Vertical seaming, whether a garment-shaping seam or a pin-tuck-style detail
6.) Monochromatic pieces layered together- black pumps with black opaque tights create a long leg line
7.) V-necklines

Finally, fall and winter clothing is often quite bulky, but it's also necessary in the cold weather. I couldn't survive the winter without my collection of sweaters, but I don't like how much added bulk they can add. What's the solution? Belt those bulky sweaters and you'll create a slimmer, sleeker silhouette: 

Belt It!

Belt It! by Rtboo featuring a brown belt

Whether the sweater itself comes with a belt or whether you add one from your closet, it will help slim your look down dramatically. I promise! 

Understanding how to use the pieces in your closet to the most slimming effect is a fabulous skill to have, so get to it! Send me a picture of your most slimming fall/winter outfit and I'll post it on the blog!

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