Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can't (or don't) have pierced ears? Try clip-ons!

Earrings are one of my favorite accessories, and since I've had pierced ears since I was about 8 years old, it rarely occurs to me that some people might not be able to have pierced ears. Maybe you're plagued by infections, or the holes close up quickly. Maybe you've gone your entire life without piercing your ears, but you still want to wear earrings. Whatever the reason, wearing clip-on or screw-on earrings might be the best solution for you. 

Many vintage earrings are clip or screw fasteners, but vintage style isn't necessarily for everyone. In that case, consider the many jewelry-makers on Etsy- many of them offer clip-on closures as an option. Like these: 

Faceted Hoop Earrings, TwistedBeading (Etsy), $18.90

Pink Owl Earrings, Momadonna (Etsy), $10

Owl accessories have been hot for a little while now, so don't assume that just because you're in clip-ons, the trends won't be available to you! You may have to search a little harder than those with pierced ears, but your persistence will pay off. There are plenty of options on Etsy that are already clip-ons and they're not all vintage, although many that are vintage are pretty fabulous! 

Freshwater Pearl Earrings, RingRingRing (Etsy), $20

Beruria Earrings, Leeya (Etsy), $27

Vintage Cluster Earrings, iamcameo2 (Etsy) $5

Of course, clip-ons don't have to be limited to small dangles or clusters- you can find chandelier-style earrings in clip-ons as well: 

Not all "standard" options on clothing and accessories work for all people, but that doesn't mean you can't find what you're looking for. As I've said before, you may have to look a little harder, or in some cases, pay a little more, but the options are out there. Be persistent and don't give up! 

However, I understand that sometimes you don't want to keep looking- you've found the most perfect pair of earrings, but they're pierced, not clip-on. Maybe they coordinate perfectly with a dress or outfit you've purchased for a specific event. Maybe you just LOVE them- whatever the reason, you do NOT have to walk away from them just because they're pierced. You have two options:

1.) Buy them and take them to a jeweler who can convert them to clip-ons for you. 


2.) Convert them yourself! 

You'll be amazed at how simple it is to convert a pair of earrings to clip ons, and you'll be even more amazed at how affordable it can be. Go to your local craft store and find the jewelry "findings" section. Or let your fingers do the walking and try an online jewelry finding supply store like Jewelry Supply. There are several different types of clip-ons including these: 

As you can see with the clip in the above picture, there is a loop in the front. Simply use a pair of small pliers to transfer the earring from the pierced finding to the clip-on. Obviously, if it's a post-style earring, this type of clip-on won't work, but in that case, you can try these converters: 

The instructions are on the website, The Earring Doctor and are very straightforward. Another type of post-earring converter can be found here and here. Don't be intimidated by the converters- the last three links are for converters that don't require any type of tool to convert. The converters with a loop are much easier to use if you are comfortable with small jewelry pliers and it make take a little practice working with the jump rings. I found this basic video on YouTube that offers some basic instruction. 

If you have any other useful advice for women who prefer clip-on earrings, feel free to leave a comment! 

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