Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday: Boots, boots and more boots...

I am obsessed with shopping for boots right now. Maybe it's the sudden change in weather, maybe it's the fact that I've moved north where boots are a necessity, not merely a fashion statement. Whatever the reason, I'm dying over so many boots right now. And I will admit that now that I'm back in the colder climate, I understand the reasoning behind Ugg boots. I still don't think they're attractive- I still think they are appropriately named- but I GET them. These, on the other hand are very pretty:

Madden Girl Luciee, Zappos, $39.95

I adore the button detail on these- it's very steampunk, which seems to be becoming a bit of a trend these days. You won't be seeing me in full Victorian garb unless I somehow end up in the cast of "A Christmas Carol" at a local community theatre, though. And that's highly unlikely. However, a hint of Victorian like these boots? Now that's much more likely! 

I'm also in love with "Houston" which is in my October Showroom from Shoe Dazzle this month. It's available in black as well as this rich tan: 
Houston, Shoe Dazzle, $39.95 (Membership required) 

The heel on "Houston" is a tad high, especially for everyday, but I like how the calf looks wider than your average pair of knee-high boots. If you're anything like me, finding boots wide enough for your calves is a challenge. I discovered there are actually "wide calf" boots available, though. Obviously, you can find them on plus-size sites like Avenue, Lane Bryant and OneStopPlus, but Zappos also carries an impressive selection. For example, I'm digging these gorgeous ones by Fitzwell available in black, brown and grey, although I'm partial to the latter two: 

I also like these:

Based on these choices, I seem to be drawn to lighter shades of tan and dove grey, which is new for me. I have a couple pair of black boots, so I'm sure it's just that I'm drawn to ones that aren't similar to what I already own. That's definitely a good thing! At least I'm not being redundant! 

As the weather gets colder, don't you feel like there's something comforting about boots? Even a pair of Uggs, I can understand. It's not currently part of my plan to purchase any new boots, but if the perfect pair just happen to present themselves for a remarkable price, I might just have to change my plans!

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