Saturday, April 10, 2010

Accessories Anonymous: The BEST accessory ever

Do you guys watch What Not to Wear? I think it is by far the best makeover show on TV. I love it and I love Stacey and Clinton. They always offer great advice, but what they do is so much bigger than just telling women to wear dark wash denim and empire waist dresses. They empower women in a huge way. Some people might say that shows like that are too cookie-cutter and that the stylists tend to make everyone look the same. Once again, I think this is where Stacey and Clinton set themselves apart. I believe they truly try to keep each and every woman's unique personality in mind when selecting clothes and teaching them how to dress.

But what they do best is that they teach women (and the occassional man) that the clothing you choose to wear each day can help you tell the world what to think about you. By dressing well, you are able to determine how the rest of the world views you and isn't that incredibly empowering? Don't be passive- take charge of how you are seen and perceived! You can choose to dress to blend in with the crowd and in doing so, you are telling the world not to take notice. Or you can stand out because of your own personal style and then you are telling the world that you are a formidable person, someone to be reckoned with. By dressing in a stylish and unique manner, you tell the world that you are confident enough to stand out from the crowd. Body type doesn't matter. Skin color doesn't matter. Height and weight don't matter. None of these things matter if you are wearing the most important accessory of all- confidence.

With this perspective, you can be wearing a $5 thrift shop outfit, but look like a million bucks. Or vice versa- without this perspective, nothing- not even a $5000 Badgley Mishka gown- will make up for the lack of that one crucial element of confidence.

Carry yourself and dress in such a way that you force the people around you to take you seriously and more importantly, to sit up and take notice of you. From there, they sky's the limit!


f8hasit said...

Confidence IS the end all accessory. And YOU wear it so well!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

OMG! Thank you! That is so kind! :)

TMAR said...

Saw you commented on Haute Whimsy's blog and thought i'd check yours out as well. Love it!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Thanks, TMAR! I appreciate that and thanks so much for stopping by!

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