Saturday, August 7, 2010

ShoeDazzle Saturday

I got my new August selections from Shoe Dazzle:

I've noticed a couple of things about these selections:
1.) "Claudette" was in a previous showroom of mine, but in nude. If you don't remember, you can see it again here. Hmmm...
2.) "Twilight" was the Team Edward shoe from Shoe Dazzle's promotion back when "Eclipse" came out in theatres. Remember how they marked me as Team Jacob? Well, apparently now they think I'm Team Edward. Is that because I didn't purchase their Team Jacob shoe? Could be.... And while I totally am Team Edward (yes, I've read the books and watched the movies- I admit it!), I am not a fan of the Team Edward shoe choice. It's way too goth for my wardrobe.

"Agyness" and "Tess" are certainly interesting shoes, and "Agyness" is probably the most likely to work in my wardrobe. Unfortunately, since I have a high instep, any bootie-style shoe has to be tried on before purchasing. As for Tess, it's more suited to a woman with mile-long gams. The thick ankle detail has the potential to be very unflattering on the wrong legs. But I admit, I'm even tempted by "Aline." Some might look at it next to all the others in my showroom and sigh, "boooo-ring." But the truth of the matter is that it's an ideal spring and summer nude shoe. And you know how I feel about nude shoes!

Once again, I'm going to pass on my Shoe Dazzle showroom. As I've said before, they are going to have to really "wow" me in order to get me to officially join and start paying the $39.95 monthly fee. On another note, here's something else that's kind of interesting that I've noticed as of late: when I post about Shoe Dazzle, I almost always elicit a comment or two from an "anonymous" commenter. They always explain how great Shoe Dazzle is and how all I need to do is X,Y and Z to get what I want, etc. It almost reads like a Shoe Dazzle PR Rep or something. I'm not trying to call my readers comments into question, but it does seem a tad suspect that Shoe Dazzle gets anonymous rave reviews on my blog posts and yet that "Anonymous" commenter doesn't really have much to say about any other post I write. Have I become too cynical and jaded for suspecting these comments are anything but sincere? If you are reading this and you happen to be the anonymous Shoe Dazzle fan, please let me know and I'll stop being so suspicious. And if you are Mr. or Miss Shoe Dazzle PR Rep, shame on you!

Happy Saturday, everyone! Enjoy the sunshine!


Beth said...

Interesting... Online Marketing can be so sly.

Anonymous said...

:) I think I may have commented on your blog before telling you how great ShoeDazzle is! I'm far from a PR rep (actually very happy new stay at home mom). But if I ever did go back to work, I wouldn't mind working at ShoeDazzle. Just as an aside, I tried to buy the Aline on Friday and it's sold out in my size :(

Hope you find something that wows you!!


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