Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Buckle B

A new store opened up in my local mall and it is an absolute heaven of denim. I have been calling it "Buckle B" because their store sign looks like this:

Turns out, it's actually just called "Buckle." Who knew? And if they only want to be called "Buckle" and not "Buckle B," then WHY put that little red "B" at the end of "Buckle." I'm just saying, it's confusing.

Ok, enough about me and my issues with fonts and logos. Moving on. The average person needs to try on about 30 pairs of jeans before they find a single pair that really works for them. I say that when you find that perfect pair of jeans, buy a boat load of 'em. Stock up. Jeans never really go out of style, so it will be worth the investment. True, there are different cuts that come in and out of fashion- skinnies are hot right now, flared leg was popular a few years ago, bootcut is almost always a good choice, and trouser jeans are a great choice for "casual Friday" no matter what the decade. Because you'll get so much wear out of your jeans, it's okay to let yourself spend a little more. I draw the line at around $60-$75, but that's just me. For some, $200-$300 is worth it for that perfect pair. For others, $20-$30 might be more in line with their budget. I suppose that's what's so great about jeans- you really can find a great pair at any price point. You never know- you might score an amazing designer pair at your local Goodwill for $5. Jeans are such a personal choice and yet so universal at the same time. I'm a fan of Old Navy's Sweetheart Boot Cut in "Dark Authentic" wash. They're inexpensive and they fit me well. I'm not opposed to higher end jeans, it's just htat the Old Navy ones work for me and my body and my lifestyle. Even my white jeans are ON's Sweetheart Boot Cut. But if I did decide to invest in a higher end pair of jeans, I think they would be from Buckle. These ones, in fact:

I love the flared wide leg at the bottom- that often helps balance out wider hips. I also like the fading on the leg and the threading around the zipper. I am not a fan of very striking or high-contrast threading. I don't need my hips to look any wider than they do on their own, thank you very much. But a little bit that's not too high-contrast doesn't bother me. Although these are a tad outside my price range, I might invest in a pair or two because they seem to be pretty high quality.

One thing to note about a LOT of Buckle Jeans: the back pockets often have flaps AND are often embellished with embroidery and sometimes a little bling. For example, take a look at the back pocket on the !iT Dream Diva jeans: 
I'm not a huge fan of the bling, but I can handle it in small doses. This "Fleur" jean pocket would be a bit too much for me, but perfect for someone else:

Be careful with pockets on your jeans- the wrong kind, or even the wrong placement can become very unflattering. Small pockets on a large rear only make the rear look larger. Same goes for large pockets on a small booty. Also, if the placement of the pockets is very wide or very low, it can draw the eye in an unflattering way. ALWAYS look at your booty with a critical eye when you are in that fitting room! And bring a friend who will be honest with you. Another style I like is these:

But don't worry- just because I love dark wash and clean cut doesn't mean that's all there is. There's also faded:

And of course, skinnies:


REALLY Distressed:

Plus size:

And even mens jeans:

Honestly, there are so many jeans on this site, I could be here all day showing them to you. At any given point, you or one of your friends or family is probably looking for a great pair of jeans. Any resource to bring someone closer to that goal is a good thing. Have a great day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I don't think that's a "B" after "Buckle", but in fact, it is a buckle. Just sayin'

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I be dumb. :)

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