Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- Shoe Karma

You all know how I'm obsessed with lace- up oxfords, right? I've posted about them quite a few times. And there was the pair from Urban's that I ended up getting and absolutely loving. I wore them around NYC right before my vacation and nearly ruined them. I got caught in a downpour and they ended up saturated in grimy, city rainwater. Gross. Also, walking millions of city blocks in them wore away at the delicate fabric and I ended up with dramatic wear on the sides near the soles. Both huge bummers. I managed to clean the grime out by washing them, but they just haven't been the same since. It's a sad story, I know.

Anyway, I toyed around with the idea of ordering a new pair. As of the end of my vacation, they were still available on Urban's website, but something kept me from buying a new pair. I just had a nagging feeling that it wasn't the right thing to do. Since then, my black ballet flats from Target have been making more frequent appearances in my day-to-day attire. Then, while out shopping for work today, I experience what can only be described as oxford euphoria. Remember the oxfords with the delicate cut-out detail that I loved so much a few months ago? I blogged about them here, but in case you don't feel like hopping back to that post, here's a picture to refresh your memory:


No joke, I've never really stopped loving these oxfords. So, back to my shoe karma story:

I was on a mission for work today. I was trying to hunt down a fabulous gown for the show I'm designing. I drove all over creation while on this mission visiting millions of stores. Well, really just central Pennsylvania and only about a dozen stores, but it felt like a lot more. I ended up at the KOP mall (my favorite)- specifically Bloomingdale's. I remembered that there was a spectacular formalwear department there, which is what drew me in, but what I ended up with was not an amazing gown. I ended up with my favorite cut-out oxfords of all time! They were originally $130 when I saw them months ago. When I bought them today, I paid $40.77. That's right. Nearly 70% off the original price. Oh, snap! If that wasn't fate, I don't know what is. Don't you just love happy endings?

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