Monday, August 16, 2010

Rate My Look- New Shoes AND New Make-up

Remember my latest shoe purchase?

Well, that same day, I also found an adorable skirt at a bargan price. I decided to put them together along with an Old Navy deep v-neck t-shirt and some simple accessories for a casual, feminine outfit.

My eyes are squinty because despite the overcast sky, it is still pretty bright outside today. I'm heading to an afternoon wine tasting with some girlfriends later this afternoon and I wanted an outfit that would be comfortable and casual, but still a little bit dressy. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pull out this fun, new outfit. When I found the skirt, I thought, "This is SO me!" It's very similar to my black and white dress in terms of both the shape of the skirt and the print (although this skirt is navy, not black).
And I'm sure you noticed my brighter-than-usual lip color. Well, I took Kandee's recommendation for bright red kiss-able lip color and tried the new L'Oreal Infallible lip color in "Beyonce." It's every bit as good as she said!


Maria said...

Great outfit! And I love that lip color on you - it really makes your eyes pop!

Beth said...

Just so you know, every time I see tan oxford now I totally think of you.

love the lipstick- it works perfectly ith your complexion

Totally Inspired said...

That skirt is awwwwesoommmeee!!! Can I steal you. cuz this look is soo cute!!

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