Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Die.

The season premier of The Rachel Zoe Project was tonight and I ate it right up. I love that show! I love seeing Rachel's work. Of course, the drama is fun to watch, too, but ultimately she's really incredible at her job. The season premier showed a photo shoot for Harper's Bazaar with Demi Moore and it was pretty amazing. Editorial fashion photography is always so creative. This particular shoot aimed at the surreal and playful and I was thoroughly impressed with Rachel's choices. If you don't normally watch this show, add it to your DVR or TiVo queue. You will not be disappointed.

Besides the styling she does for her clients, another thing I love about Rachel is her own personal style. She has several key "signature" pieces:

Bell-bottom pants:

Fur of all kinds:


Platform heels:

Oversize Sunglasses:

What I love about Rachel Zoe's personal style is that she refuses to follow the rules of what is "in style" at any given moment. She loves wearing huge bell-bottom jeans even though that trend hasn't been around in quite a while. And the oversize sunglasses are always a part of her look, despite the current popularity of  wayfarers and aviators. She wears styles she loves and that look good on her and in doing so, she makes them timeless. Of course, if she was anything other than a fashion stylist, it might be a little harder for her to pull it off. Regardless, I admire her for her choices because it demonstrates that she's a woman who knows what she likes and isn't afraid to go against the grain a little. As for her TV show, let's hope this season we get to see as much fashion as we do drama.

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LuceBuona said...

Jeez!! I need to catch up on news! I didn´t even know she had a show!! O_O
I will check if we have it available at our satellite channels. I really feel like watching it now!
Feed me fashion!! :D

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