Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fabulous Etsy Finds- Handbags for fall!

I haven't posted about great Etsy finds in quite a while. I am always recommending Etsy to people for just about every accessory they could possibly need. I feel like whenever someone describes an accessory they are looking for, I've seen something similar on Etsy. There is so much on that site, I could literally spend the entire day just browsing. I try to remember to "favorite" the items and sellers that catch my eye.

I'm always amazed by the craftsmanship of the artisans who sell on Etsy. I was perusing the handbag section the other day after getting a message from my BFF about an amazing bag store she'd found. I have been talking for weeks about how I need a new handbag, but instead of buying one, I've just pulled out older bags from the back of my closet. It works for a little while. The first day I use it, I feel proud of myself for not spending the money on a new bag when I have perfectly good ones in my closet. Then after a few days, I remember what it is about that bag that made me put it in the back of the closet to begin with. Maybe one of these days I'll actually take the time to find a new bag for myself.

Here are some beautiful handbags I found while browsing Etsy the other day:

Genuine Italian Leather Tote, Chic Leather, $139

Artisan Leather Handbag, Chic Leather, $159

Baby Ballet Bag, Opelle Creative, $172

Slouchy Red Leather Messenger Bag, The Leather Store, $140

Potli Leather Shoulder Bag, Studio One Designs, $115

Happy purse shopping, everyone!

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Beth said...

You're the devil. These are all gorgeous! I especially love the first green one (all I can think of is Rachel Zoe and "I die") and the slouchy red one. Yummm...

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